Age Appreciation...

One of the many benefits of belonging to a small church is the opportunity for our kids to grow up around all different age groups... it's not something everyone has the privilege of! Families tend to hang out with other families who have children in a similiar age bracket (trust me, we do a lot of that too - just so convenient when the children all get along and play nicely together), but there is something special when you see your child bonding with folk who are of a different generation.
Watching my children strut around church like they own the place brings back so many precious childhood memories of my own... like them, I was brought up in a small town church, and while I was blessed enough to have had my best friend attend the same church all the way through; I have very fond memories of everyone. I am still in touch through Facebook with many folk from that church, most of them are totally different age categories to me - some younger but many older, they remember me as a y…

Fathers Day


This Fathers Day was particularly rough - even more than I had anticipated; how do you celebrate Fathers Day when your Father is no longer with you?
I hadn't realised how deeply this would effect me - we have never been big into celebrating these holidays as a family; so I had hoped to glide through the day fairly unscathed, and keep my focus on my husband instead.
But it didn't really work that way... hubby could see what was happening, and he suggested we skip church and head up to the cemetery instead; which was just what I needed. It was wet, windy and very cold - not quite as bad as the day of the funeral, but we had to laugh at the similarities. The kids took some flowers up, and I had written out a card for Dad, which I placed on his grave:

Some days I can't quite believe that I'll never see him again; it just doesn't make sense, other days it's like a punch in the guts and a pain in my chest - making it difficult to breathe. And …

Would The Real Me Please Stand Up!

Urggghhhh - sorry for the corny title; but I just can't get it out of my head 😆!
I have been doing some gentle thinking behind the busyness of life lately... This year was meant to have been 'the year of me'; a chance for me to start refocusing on me, my health, and some good habits and hobbies. The year started well - I committed to reading my bible daily, and have continued this through-out the year, and I then started a couple of exercise classes a week as well... I really enjoyed it, but timing-wise, it was difficult to get out to as it was right on dinner / bath / bedtime for the kids. 
But once Dad passed away everything got too difficult, and this was one of the things I dropped.
The other day I was bemoaning to hubby that our daughter doesn't naturally go and pick up a book to read - she'd rather pick up the tablet, or our phones, and watch something on YouTube. She loves reading, she is very good at reading - but it isn't a natural relaxation habit for h…

And Onto Something Completely Different...

And this evening I have something completely different to share with you...
It's almost like night and day when compared to the previous 5 posts; almost, not quite literally a new life; but definitely life-changing in almost every way for us.
We are no longer an 'allergy-family'.
I know; it is seriously that life-changing, that it needs to be BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL! As anyone with allergies can understand - to suddenly be 'ok' again, is in every way, a miracle. And this story really is just that - nothing short of a miracle.
It has been six months now, and I haven't shared this on social media at all - mainly because I just don't know how to... I have talked about it in real life, and shared it with people; but haven't written about it yet. There is no explanation, no reason, nothing definitive to explain what has happened - I sometimes wonder if people will think I must have been over-dramatising the allergies initially. But you can't over-dramatise t…