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Tuesday 15th March 2011

Today Button got introduced to a frog... meet Fred (or was it Freda - I'm not really sure *grin*)! It has been let loose now, but it had spent the day in a container in our spare room, waiting for Mr. C to come home and show Button (he caught it last night just before she went to bed).

She was one very interested little girl, but we had to watch her very closely, as her interest was based around squishing the poor little thing!

So Fred got held further and further away, and little hands came reaching out closer and closer...

Eventually the interest waned - what's the point if you're not allowed to touch, feel and squish ;-)!

So Mr. C went in pursuit of other little bodies to show, ones who would appreciate the great skill it took to catch wee Fred, and would not be trying to squish him every few seconds. Lucky for him we have two such little men next door who were just the ticket!

And the teachable moment got extended...

I think he now realises we need to wait until Button is a little older before she can appreciate such delicate creatures; or the skill it takes to capture them for her enjoyment / interest / appreciation - or whatever reason Mr. C had in capturing it for her ;-)!

But - it is the beginning of many teachable moments, no point missing out just because she is so young! The little man in red is only seven months older than her, so it won't be long before she is old enough to start grappling with these things...

Let the fun begin!

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