Fun, fun, fun...

BIG thanks going out to Simone at greatfun4kids for her amazing tutorial on the use of photoscape. If you haven't used this programme, or checked out her blog - go do it :-)!

Here is what I have been doing today:

My wee girl...

Outside fun with Dad...

A day in the life of...

LOVING IT, loving it, loving it!

You can also tell I am still enjoying the newly-found black/white mode on my camera *grin*!!!!!!!

I thought I had lost some of these photos as all of a sudden my camera was telling me that I could no longer use my SD card, it warned me a few days ago it needed reformatting - but I ignored it, ooops! Anyway, my amazing hubby 'found' the photos, downloaded them and fixed the SD card and we're all good to go now - whew!

Anyway - I'm off to do more fiddling and playing; so expect a few more amazing photo-posts to come soon, yay!


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