Saturday, 11 June 2011

Almost there...

Just popping in to let you all know that the new blog is almost ready for inspection... got two new TABS completed, and got two more to do; one which won't take long, and one which could take a bit of editing! But it's closer than it was before, I have been working hard on it this week :-)!

And while we're talking about changes - I have now finally made the call to move my computer... my sis-in-law wrote up a very challenging post today; you can read it here, talking about how much time we spend on the computer and who we're 'cheating' of this time! I had been thinking I needed to make changes anyway - every time I go near my computer Button grizzles so guessed this meant she was aware of it (but not good that she has already worked this out at 13 months, yikes). I have tried cutting it down previously, but with the computer set up right in the middle of the living area - it was very easy to settle back into old habits.

So my computer is now upstairs in our bedroom - this means I can only check in when she is asleep! So the plan is that during her day-sleeps I will check in on all of you, facebook and e-mails; then the evenings will be spent blogging and any other projects I have on the go... of course I won't be on the computer her entire sleep times (never was anyway, hahaha)! I know people say computers and TV's should not be in bedrooms - but reality is for us that Mr. C is already set up here so he can study without to much disturbance from a small child; we don't have the luxury of a seperate 'study' (yet!)... so this means I can spend my evenings with him again!

So here's a glimpse of the new look, plus a peek at Mr. C's corner (excuse the unmade bed though):

Got a couple of posts to do in the next few days - a "Things I'm Loving..." and my birthday. Other than those, hopefully I'll have time to continue working hard on my new blog ready for the unveiling soon; but I won't be putting a time-frame on it as life has a habit of getting in the way (sick child, guests etc etc *grin*)!

That's it from me tonight,

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MaxineD said...

Well done - don't know that it would work here, but I do turn the computer off early evening.