THANK YOU for coming and joining me here at my NEW blog... 


There is still some tweaking and tidying to do, but the main things have now been completed... Just need some help on my header - I can't seem to change the dimensions, so it is still looking yuck. Tried everything and have given up, any help is appreciated!

Just a note here - you will notice that my daughter is now referred to as Button  and not by her name as she has been on the old blog (I have edited every single post), hubby is still hubby or Mr. C! This was one of the main reasons I chose to make the change; I felt I needed to put a little discretion in, as I have been very open about her. Nothing else changes, I have imported all my posts over and will still keep including loads of photos and stories - but she'll just be 'Button' now! Please, when you leave comments can you also be discreet.

The other reason is the blog-name - it was so... well, dull really! Now I have a much more interesting name, and it really epitomises what I am passionate about - if you read my 'About Me & Mine' Tab, you'll know I am all about 'hope', which is what the name and the rainbow instantly communicates to you as the reader (I hope *grin*).

Talking of TABS - I have worked really hard on all the new TABS along the top of my blog... please take a minute (or 30) to read them and let me know what you think! And while I am begging - PLEASE make sure follow me here now (no shame *grin*)! I would love to see my loyal followers join me again... you've all become like family (and some of you really are IRL *grin*)!

I have deleted all my posts at the old blog, but won't delete the actual blog for another month - will just be keeping the very last post up, so people can still pop in and find me here should they not have kept up with the changes!

I think that is all I need to say...

Thank you for popping into the new blog - hope it hasn't disappointed you!



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