Do What You Love... Dreams!

You may remember a while ago that Widge and Miriam both did posts on dreams... well, I promised myself (and them) I would do one also. At the time I needed to ponder for a while before I could write - but then I got distracted and forgot :-(. Since I have reignited my blog, I have been reminded of this time and time again; so thought I would start putting fingers on keyboard and try to at least start a post about dreams, more specifically - my dreams!

Then, as I was thinking about it all - 'The Word for Today' (November 8th 2011 entitled 'Do What You Love, Love What You Do') turned up as well! Here are some points from this that really resonated with me:

...Successful people allow their God-given passion and talent to guide them in life. They have a single focus and an undivided heart...

...Carly Fiorina said, 'Love what you do, or don't do it...Make the choice to do something because it engages your heart as well as your mind. Make the choice because it engages all of you.' ...

...Don't become a slave to someone else's dream because once you own a dream that dream can also own you. Being a slave to someone else's dream quickly becomes a nightmare... 

...If you are confused, out of focus or going in circles, pray, 'Lord, give me a clear vision and an undivided heart.' That's a prayer God will answer...

I had just been contemplating whether blogging / writing really is something for me; or was just a pipe-dream. Things had slowed down, I had no energy or inspiration and it all just seemed a little too hard for a while there... however, as you can tell by all the posts recently 'this too has passed' and life (well blogging anyway) is back on track!

The day after this I got the random e-mail regarding the Scrapbooking Software Give-Away and then upon checking another e-mail address that isn't used very often; I discovered I had been contacted about another opportunity regarding my blog. This totally reignited my enthusiasm (well - in all honesty, it made me dizzy with excitement... or should that have read ditzy!) and it felt like God was gently telling me that I was right where He wanted me to be. It might feel like I am not connecting with people the way I had imagined, and at times it may feel a little like screaming into an abyss - both at my end, and from my end :-)! But it is where I am meant to be; I think I am going to have to make this my motto - so even those hard days make a little more sense!

So while this blog seems small and inconsequential, it is a little dream of mine that I hope one day will have an effect on 'just the right people at just the right time'! It was never meant to be big, it was never meant to draw crowds of hundreds, and is not for 'just anyone and everyone', that was never the dream - I just got sucked into some surreal world there for a while.

The dream is - that while I type away at my keyboard after some disastrous day, and be 'real' about it all... it will touch someone else who is also struggling. That while I share  some amazing opportunity / lesson / general life experience that meant a great deal to me - it will encourage someone else to keep their chin up as well. That while I talk about my faith; share what God is doing in my life through others or through my kid(s), it will encourage someone else along their faith-journey. 

I haven't written much about my faith... not sure why, guess because it is an area I have been struggling in for a while now also - but that is in the process of being restored as I type. We all go through ups and downs, in all areas of our life's, including the spiritual... it has been a 'down' patch, but I am slowly making my way up back up the incline and will join in again with my church family. I have got people watching out for me now, so should I slip again - hopefully I won't drop down as far as this last time.

So I am now 'Doing What I Love', albeit in a rather small way currently! Maybe one day I'll sit down and share a few more dreams, there are plenty more where that came from... but this is my blogging dream - now out there for you all (and Button just woke up so there is no more time left anyway *grin*)!


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