From the divine to a disaster...

So - you must know by now that I am NOT a good cook! I have proven that here, when I admitted to you all that I can't even make toffee. And I have this strange feeling that this is not the only post acknowledging this...

So here is a picture of the divine:

It was scrummy, SO much better than take-aways and it was made by Mr. C! He is a much better cook than me... and now keeps 'offering' to give me cooking lessons; hmmmm!

And here is my version of Chicken Fried Rice (oh the waste of chicken, and bacon - let alone my time):

What you can't see is just how bad this really is... it was so over-cooked (and I swear I followed the instructions) that it was brown on top, the rice was hard from cooking - not lack of it, the chicken was dry and well... it just wasn't worth keeping. I almost cried - have had a few disasters lately, and this was almost my last straw!

Oh well, I guess the name of the game is 'Try, Try Again'; just maybe not Chicken Fried Rice.

PS - I mean seriously, who CAN'T cook Chicken Fried Rice when it comes out of a packet, and you follow the instructions closely! *Sigh*!


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