Friday, 4 November 2011

From the divine to a disaster...

So - you must know by now that I am NOT a good cook! I have proven that here, when I admitted to you all that I can't even make toffee. And I have this strange feeling that this is not the only post acknowledging this...

So here is a picture of the divine:

It was scrummy, SO much better than take-aways and it was made by Mr. C! He is a much better cook than me... and now keeps 'offering' to give me cooking lessons; hmmmm!

And here is my version of Chicken Fried Rice (oh the waste of chicken, and bacon - let alone my time):

What you can't see is just how bad this really is... it was so over-cooked (and I swear I followed the instructions) that it was brown on top, the rice was hard from cooking - not lack of it, the chicken was dry and well... it just wasn't worth keeping. I almost cried - have had a few disasters lately, and this was almost my last straw!

Oh well, I guess the name of the game is 'Try, Try Again'; just maybe not Chicken Fried Rice.

PS - I mean seriously, who CAN'T cook Chicken Fried Rice when it comes out of a packet, and you follow the instructions closely! *Sigh*!


Cat said...

LOL oh dear Elizabeth - if the ability to make toffee is how cooking is measured I'm terrible then LOL
but seriously through that packet crapola out and I'll email you a recipe - easy easy easy

Helen said...

I can't make toffee either...shhhh don't tell anyone...hehe

MaxineD said...

Oh dear - that was a disaster. But where are your greens on Mr C's night of cooking - you need them..

Amy said...

I'm wondering, could you just commission Mr C as chief cook of the household? Bargain a deal whereby he cooks and you clean? No one says you have to be a good cook...just as long as someone puts food on the table each night. Boyo cooks one night a week *under duress* and rotates three meals. I get him to peel things, etc some other nights, or hang out washing. He prefers those options to cooking any time and whenever absolutely possible will swing it so we get takeaways on his cooking night. Grin.