Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Busy Day for Baby...

Yep - it was a busy day for the baby yesterday...

There were Mummy cuddles and Daddy cuddles, sitting up (for the first time only assisted by pillows), standing on Mummy's lap with no assistance, comparisons with my big sisters panda, sister cuddles, sister kisses, playing with a rattle for the first time (seriously Mum - what IS that thing?), tummy time and then the inevitable nose dive, tickling my sister for no good reason... and of course more smiling for that camera!!!

Sure was a BUSY day!

On top of that, Mummy started insisting on teaching me to self-settle... which turned out to be a good thing as I was EXHAUSTED, and needed all the extra sleep I managed to get yesterday!


MaxineD said...

What a busy little man - so glad he is self settling well!
Blessings and love

Amy said...

Hope the self-settling is continuing to go well.
I did wonder where the baby was in one of the sister photos, then realised he was under his sister! hehe. Very lovingly adored, that boy.