Monday, 31 December 2012


I have been asked to host a linky this coming year, through Kiwi Mummy Blogs... for those who don't know what this means, it just means that every time I write up what has been my 'Bullet Point Sunday' (which will now change to Sunday Snippets), I add what is called a 'linky' at the bottom of the post; and anyone else who does a post like this can add a link from my post to their post. If you're a friend IRL (in REAL life), and don't understand blog-jargon, you'll start to 'get the picture' once things get underway, and you can see links to other posts coming up at the end! 

I am not expecting there to be a big rush and a whole lot of links to begin with, but hopefully as the word gets out - people will start to remember, and head over; popping in and linking up! I'm quite excited by this, but also a bit nervous at the commitment this will require - organisation is not a strong point for me, but hopefully things will slip into a good routine as the year goes on!

This will be starting officially on January 6th - so pop on over this time next week to see the first installment...

Yay, good times a-coming in 2013!


MaxineD said...

AS you are hosting the discipline will be there - and hopefully will spread into other areas ;-)
Love and Blessings

Miriam said...

good for you!!

Amy said...

Yay, this will be great! You've already been doing the Sunday ones for awhile so it should slip into linky really well...I will try to link up when I can and remember. I like having something concrete to blog about every so often.

Cat said...

I've added it to the Kiwi Mummy Blogs website for you I'm working on how to get the photos up there.
Yeah I've been doing Instagrammin Sunday so this should be an easy linky for me