I am feeling rather adrift at the moment...

The whole 'out-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean-unable-to-see-anyone-or-anything' kind of adrift.

I'm thinking about putting my 'online' life on hold - facebook, blog etc; in order to focus on my 'in real life'; as winter is coming and I know my ability to withdraw into my shell during winter is even greater than normal.

If I have nowhere to withdraw to - maybe I'll try harder to get out and about more, and make a more conscious effort with the kids. 

I would need to give my laptop to hubby to 'watch over' during the day (e.g. take it to work for the week); and just have it over the weekends - to download photos etc. I have my smartphone, so can still check urgent e-mails and go online if I need to (e.g. banking etc)!

Maybe that is to extreme? Maybe it is just what I need to do... I don't know. But I am feeling like I need to do something, or I am going to sink and winter hasn't even started yet.

So many other thoughts swirling around in my head; but maybe another time...


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