Thursday, 4 April 2013


I am feeling rather adrift at the moment...

The whole 'out-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean-unable-to-see-anyone-or-anything' kind of adrift.

I'm thinking about putting my 'online' life on hold - facebook, blog etc; in order to focus on my 'in real life'; as winter is coming and I know my ability to withdraw into my shell during winter is even greater than normal.

If I have nowhere to withdraw to - maybe I'll try harder to get out and about more, and make a more conscious effort with the kids. 

I would need to give my laptop to hubby to 'watch over' during the day (e.g. take it to work for the week); and just have it over the weekends - to download photos etc. I have my smartphone, so can still check urgent e-mails and go online if I need to (e.g. banking etc)!

Maybe that is to extreme? Maybe it is just what I need to do... I don't know. But I am feeling like I need to do something, or I am going to sink and winter hasn't even started yet.

So many other thoughts swirling around in my head; but maybe another time...


Little Gumnut said...

thinking of you as you consider taking your break Elizabeth. love Sophie xx

Miriam said...

good for you for being intentional and recognising habits that might start if unchecked xxxx

Cat said...

Whatever works for you
I have limited my online life
I don't share everything everywhere
What is seen on Instagram isn't necessary seen on FB or on my blog
I have different audiences
Do what you need to do to keep you safe
I check blogs first thing in morning and last thing at night
I reply to emails when kids are asleep
It's balance - I hope you find what you're looking for xxx

MaxineD said...

Do what you need to my dear - just make sure you are sure about it before you start so you can refute doubts, should they attack.
Love and blessings

Neetz said...

Awww.. look after YOU and your family :) The rest of us will be here if or when you come back ;) ((I've had some "time out" and just come back to blog land tonight actually!... it was very much "needed")).. Take care xx

Tehila said...

Precious one, thank you for sharing so honestly about your struggles and thoughts. So refreshing in a world that often wears masks on top of masks!

I say, there's hardly anything as refreshing and perspective giving than going off line, under the radar for a while...

When I go away to a place with no internet access, no computer, etc., I return to the realisation of what is really important - my faith, my family, home, friends... You know, the things that are REAL!

If you decide to take this step, however temporary, you've got my full support!

If you don't, you've got my full support anyway! :-)

God bless you dear one... xxx

Amy said...

If you think it will help, then definitely go for it. You know you and what you need so spend a bit of time working that out and then do it. :o)
I'll miss reading your posts, but it's more important to be in the right place in yourself so I'll be praying that you find that sweet spot!