As some of you have read - it's been a rough few weeks / months for me; a couple of my posts (here and here) have alluded to it... and I have been debating for a while now, whether or not to quit facebook, delete my blog or make it private, and other such things as this.

It finally came to a head a little while ago, and I started writing a post about it - but have since deleted it; as it really wasn't something I now believe is safe to share here.

Suffice to say - I am in the process of working through some of these issues with a counsellor... I believe this is vital for the health of my marriage and my family. I am hoping this will bring about positive changes for me, especially over this winter - as I find winter a difficult season at the best of times.

This may mean that my blog will be quieter over the coming months, as most of my 'homework' requires me to write in a private journal (paper of course)! I doubt I'll have the time or energy to do both of these, as the counselling really starts to kick up a notch in the weeks ahead (only had two sessions so far)...

I am hoping that this will translate onto here, and even if the posts are fewer - they will be of a higher quality, with a much more positive outlook on life... preferably deeper as well. I have promised both my husband and my counsellor that I will be brutally honest, and work really hard this time (I think I have posted about getting help before, while pregnant with 'lil M). It almost feels like my life depends on it now though... or at least my marriage.

Here is hoping the current 'ugliness' disappears, as winter gives way to spring... I am expecting an emotionally difficult winter, but one that will bring about life in ways I have never known before.

Please bare with me as I work my way through a few more roadblocks, before hitting the highway again!


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