The other day New Zealand experienced a BIG storm... it was one of the worst in recent history. Where we live it wasn't as bad as some places, but we still lost power here for three hours - typically between 5-8pm, right on dinner / bath and bed time!

Button is old enough to see this as an adventure, especially when the candles came out! Daddy had to cook her dinner over the fire (poor 'lil M had a boring dinner of sandwiches and a banana), thankfully our sausages are pre-cooked (gluten-free ones), so cooking a sausage and egg for her when she was hungry wasn't the big drama it could have turned into... 

They both went to bed by candlelight, but thankfully were SO tired that they crashed and didn't seem to notice... by the time they woke up, power had been restored and all had returned to normal! But I can see, as they get older - we'll be able to turn these experiences into adventures and really have some fun with them! This time 'lil M was NOT happy, everything was dark, he was hungry and tired and he just wanted dinner and bed; once he'd eaten though, his good humour returned somewhat!


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