New Furniture...

I am loving having a three year old (most of the time), she is old enough to understand and start appreciating things... such as the powercut the other day!

On Sunday we popped down to catch up with an old friend of mine, and pick up some furniture from her... she and her family are relocating to Australia this coming weekend, and they are selling up (cheaper to start again over there, than to ship a container over). We are the lucky ones in this though, Button got a bed and both kids got drawers...

Up until now we've been borrowing a bed for Button, and while we so totally appreciated it - I feel good being able to now give Button her very own  bed, which will last her for the rest of her years here with us! The drawers will be replaced in a few years when we can afford to, but for now they are perfect and exactly what we needed for both the kids! Button had been using my old ones which have been falling apart for years (and fixed over and over again by hubby), and 'lil M had an old homemade changing table (not made by us) that had two drawers in it, and everything had to fit into those!

Button was SO excited about these new purchases, it was well worth the trip and exhaustion, to see her face as hubby put it together for her that night... even now she still talks about her 'new bed and drawers Mummy'! Her drawers are now low enough for her to reach the top, and small enough she can open them up herself, and help chose her own clothes (not sure if that is a blessing or not *grin*)

And it still thrills me to walk into her bedroom and see it is properly furnished, and know it's all her own! Yay! Sometimes it really is the 'little things'!!!!

We had to borrow a car and a trailer from two different people for this trip, and 'lil M had his seat forward facing for the first time - this meant he didn't sleep going down as we had anticipated, too much to look at! Our day had started at 3:45am with a rather unfortunate early morning from our three year old, so on the way home both kids had fallen asleep, this meant hubby took an extra long way home and allowed them the chance to sleep for as long as we could get away with! It was cute looking back and see two sleepy little faces...

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