This and That

Watching :: Not really watching, but Caillou is currently playing on the TV for my three year old!
Eating :: Just had hot-from-the-oven-gluten-free-scones for lunch!
Listening :: to my baby boy putting himself to sleep over the baby monitor, he is VERY loud and busy; so not sure how much sleeping is going on!
Waiting :: and watching, wondering if my girl might have the beginning of a bladder infection :-(!
Doing :: a quick blog post before getting on with the afternoon chores which will include baking, dinner and hopefully some vacuuming in there also!
Loving :: that I have finished my latest counselling sessions, and my counsellor is very proud of my progress and said some lovely things about me last night!
Planning :: how to fit everything into another busy weekend... especially as all the sickies are still a bit under-the-weather. Hmmm (hubby is home today, as he still is not well at all)!
Buying :: (well bought) some second-hand furniture from friends who are going oversea's, for the kids, and picking it up this weekend.
Wearing :: Mummy-Duds! Trackies, skivvy and polar-fleece jacket... even with the fire on, it is quite chilly today.
Reading :: 'Breathe' by Keri Wyatt-Kent, about creating space for God in a hectic life. I am loving it, but not getting through it very quickly!

Thanks to Hannah at Blairs Boys for the inspiration!


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