We've Finally Celebrated...

'lil M has finally had his dedication and first birthday celebration... only 2.5 months late!

It was a lovely day - albeit rather busy, and by the end I was exhausted! I must remember to not do this again (hahaha)! He didn't sleep (reminders of Button's 1st Birthday as well), but coped admirably, just kept on keeping on until everyone except a few hardened folks, had left - then gave us a miserly 45 minutes, and a grumpy late afternoon! Ah well, he was at his best when he needed to be...

We had family and some close family friends travel on the day, for which we are SO very grateful - I love that kind of support! It feels very special having people prepared to travel to see your children dedicated, or to celebrate their special milestones! So thank you lovely folks... you know how important you are to me already, but this is just a 'shout-out' and a BIG thank you! And we also had local friends and family, who don't attend our church, make the effort to attend his dedication and then come over and help us celebrate his precious life afterwards! Again - a BIG thank you to you all as well, I doubt I would have got through these past few years without you all...

We kept it small on purpose, as I just wasn't interested in going through all the prep and stress I did in April - only to have it crash around me again; and it almost did! Both 'lil M and hubby were sick with heavy colds and coughs, but as 'lil M has been constantly sick since Easter; we decided to just keep going anyway! And I am glad I did...

While it was low-key, I still made sure he got a birthday cake:

With a little help from big sister!

It wasn't the big fancy party, nor all the homemade party food, not even a 'proper' cake with a candle like I had planned and hoped for - but I think it is safe to say that he had fun, and we all enjoyed it also!

Here's hoping his 2nd birthday has a lot less sickness and a lot less drama involved... guess only time will tell!

Happy birthday Little Man ('lil M), we hope that you enjoyed your rather belated celebration... and grow up knowing, whatever the situation you are facing, you have a family who adores you!


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