This Time Last Year...

I just realised I have been on instagram for a year now, so thought I would share a few of my favourite instagram photos from last year, and compare them to this year! How quickly the kids have grown up...

I don't get photos of them together very often now, 'lil M is so busy, he just doesn't stay still and pose... most of his photos are mid-play, hopefully soon he'll get old enough to understand and allow me the chance again to take photos together! I was very surprised to see two photos of them together this month *grin*!

Look how much we have grown...

My 'baby' is no longer... he is a full-on toddler who just doesn't stop, ever! He even moves in his sleep!

My big girl is getting more beautiful, and is blossoming into a really sweet kid. She is so affectionate and positive, and can't get enough cuddles, even now!

And they're just going to get bigger and bigger... it doesn't seem that long ago that I was cuddling the chub-a-bub above (he wasn't chubby for long), and watching my toddler make sense of the new addition to the family. Now she is a Preschooler and out three mornings a week, and he is my busy toddler!

How fast time is flying... it won't be long before I will be looking back with rose-tinted glasses, like all mothers do, wishing they were little again. Remembering the sweet cuddles, and the sticky grins; forgetting the sleepless nights and tantrums!

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