9 Years and 2 Children Later...

And I think I can safely say that

You are still my best friend!

Thank you for being there beside me through it all... for loving me despite myself, for encouraging me to try harder and do my best in everything, for believing in me. Thank you for putting up with all my inadequacies and my little idiosyncrasies; no other person would! 

But I also want to thank you for not putting up with the mediocre in me, for kicking my butt when I have needed it, for knowing when to come home when I have called you at work - but also knowing the difference and saying 'no' when necessary.  

Thank you for laughing with me and laughing at me, for loving the children together with me, for trusting me, for dreaming with me... Thank you for being my best friend, giving me the leg up as required, walking beside me as needed and walking in front of me - leading the way when I feel vulnerable. 

Thank you for protecting me, for sheltering me, for pushing me out of my comfort zone, for making me see there is a big wide world out there waiting to be explored beside you...

Thank you for taking me to be your wife - I wouldn't want to do life with anyone but you. 


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