Couldn't Help But Share...

I have been quiet this week - we have had sick kids again :-(! A whole week... Button is at Preschool today for the first time all week, but to be honest - I am just waiting for 'that phonecall' asking me to come pick her up. They have had a cold, but both are now coughing also... got very little sleep last night; but never mind - trying not to focus to much on that!

Anyway - last Sunday was Fathers Day here in New Zealand, and hubby wanted a nice family day... so we popped out to a park that the kids hadn't been to before. We all had a great time, but I just wanted to share this short video clip with you.

Meet 'lil M, the Smiling Assassin:

Hubby and I had a good giggle about this later on; but I think we'll be needing to watch this little rascal over the next year or so, as he finds his place in the family!


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