Sunday, 22 September 2013

Spring Is In The Air...

Late afternoon found the kids a bit grumpy and on edge after a busy few days with their grandparents... hubby decided we needed some family time, so off to The Gardens we went!

I love spring, I love flowers and I love sunny days (especially after the worst storm I can remember over the past few years)... Button also loves flowers, and both kids love being outdoors. 

It was worth it; despite the tired children and the melt-down from the three year old just before bed - they had a lot of fun, they settled down and stopped scrapping, and we had some much needed family time.

And this is how I caught them in the car coming home...

A lovely end to a busy weekend!


MaxineD said...

Makes us sound as though we made them grumpy......... loved our time and you obviously had a lovely wind-down visit to the gardens later.
Blessings and love

Amy said...

Lovely spring day! And the handholding is terribly cute.