There Were 3 In The Bed...

And the little one said...
I need to go to sleep!!!!

Button and her gorgeous cousins; we were joined by family on Thursday... 5 little cherubs under 5 years of age! It was noisy, but it was fun - here the three girls (also being the three eldest) were having fun together with their Aunt, whom you can't actually see in this photo!

I have got SO many idea's for posts, that I have started writing a list so I don't forget! But I want to keep my Friday Posts light and family-focused, the other days can be for the deeper or factual things...

My boy turned 17 months yesterday, how time has flown - he is running, laughing, chattering non-stop and always has a smile (even when he only has one 40 minute sleep that day). He is in the process of changing his routine - while he has been a one-sleep-a-day-kid for a little while now, it has always been morning; which has allowed me some down-time on those Preschool mornings (but he has always been willing to go to bed for a 'rest' in the afternoon as well, giving me the time to cook dinner). But no more - as of this week, literally, he has decided he no longer wants to sleep in the morning, but he can't as yet, hold out until after lunch either. I hate these transitions... my easy child has suddenly turned into a screaming, gagging heap when popped down for a sleep - I remember his sister doing the same (to the point of vomiting though, thankfully he has not yet learnt that trick), I am trying to remind myself that it doesn't last long... 

All this means is that I no longer can sneak any 'me-time' (quick posts) in during the day, as there will be a child awake at all times now... and by the end of the day I am exhausted, so I need to start managing my evenings better. 

Always 100 different things pulling me, and tonight one of these is my bed... we have a busy weekend scheduled, including 'Date Night' tomorrow! My wonderful hubby arranged baby-sitters for tomorrow night all by himself, and then rung to tell me to chose whatever movie I want to go to on Saturday night - he is even foregoing the rugby for me *happy, happy sigh*!!!!! That reminds me - I'd better do some research tomorrow at some stage, and chose a movie... but now it's off to bed and snuggling under the warm duvet, falling asleep listening to the rain.

Good night!


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