Where Two OR Three Are Gathered...

That is the question we have been asking ourselves recently...

Two, or three?

It has never been something we have really mulled over before, never been something I have questioned. At the start hubby wanted a whole rugby team of kids, but after some discussions we agreed on three - and that was that!

End of discussions... or so I thought!

But Button and 'lil M are now almost 3.5 and 1.5 respectively, and I can see light at the end of the 'little people' years; and I am just not sure I want to go through it all again...

Don't get me wrong - they are delightful; but at 38 do I really want to be heaving my old body through another pregnancy, getting up at night for months on end, dealing with another 2-3 years worth of nappies and vomit? Just doesn't sound appealing right now...

We are both really enjoying the kids at the moment, they are fun and full-on, but it's good... and this summer will be different! No little babies, 'lil M should be down to one afternoon sleep; which means we can go out and do things each morning, yay!'

Hubby is working hard on some projects, which would have to be put on hold if a third baby arrived; and I am planning a summer of adventure with the kids! Next winter should be better also, teething over and hopefully less illness all around - maybe a little bit of a life again! I can also now leave the kids with hubby all day and go and do a few things for myself... can I give up the slight glimpse of independence one more time? I'm just not sure!

But I'm not yet ready to start giving the baby stuff away either... maybe in a year or two, maybe!

PS - PLEASE be assured though, should baby three decide to make an appearance anyway, planned or unplanned by us... we'd be thrilled, and welcome them with open arms! 


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