It Looks A Lot Like Love...

It's Valentines Day today; we don't really do Valentines here - generally we will get a card for each other (at my insistence I might add, I 'DO' cards), and maybe there'll a nice home-made meal made by my man!

Today has been unlike any other Valentines though; however I did get this lovely bunch of, ahem, weeds picked for me by hubby and son (the thought was there):

I had a card sorted for hubby as usual (my Mum is an amazing card maker; which is a huge advantage for me)

We had plans for a nice roast lamb pizza dinner, to be made and eaten together after the kids had gone to bed, by my man...

But as life would have it - I am sick... got a painful infection, need strong pain relief and antibiotics; and am on surgery watch should things not improve over the weekend. I have not had a flare up like this in years (in case you're not familiar with what I am talking about, you can read about my medical condition here), and have not had to go on antibiotics in years; so I am holding out high hope that they will kick in quickly, and I will be feeling good again by Monday.

So Valentines at my house has consisted of hubby staying home from work today, in order for me to slow down a little and start to heal... he is exhausted, 'lil M was up 5x last night and he did 4 of the 5 night runs because I am sick. And today he hasn't stopped either - I sent him upstairs at one point, just to have a break... not only did the kids eventually follow him; but he decided to vacuum once he'd finished his cuppa.

You know what - I wouldn't change today for anything (well, other than the painful flare-up that is), my husband has been 'telling' me all day by everything he has done, just how much he loves me - no cards, no chocolates and no roses could ever say it as well as what he has done through deeds.

I am one very loved, and very blessed lady...


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