Just A Quickie...

I know what you're thinking... hahaha!

Thought I'd better stick to my word and try another quick post while I have a few spare moments! The small one is asleep (long may it last, he gave me a good 35 minute tantrum before he finally succumbed), and the big one is doing some cotton bud painting courtesy of Sammy

So - I am starting to feel better finally, and the surgery threat has gone... whew! Still a little way to go before I am out of the woods completely, but I can now parent during the day by myself again, and have a few pain-free moments (like if I ever manage to sit down *grin*), where I can almost forget these past few days!

But now - we have lurched into yet another summer cold... I am blaming the strange summer we are having, you just can't predict the weather or the temperature - gah! Ah well, we have managed a few good weeks up here; hoping it stays for another couple of months!

My laid back, easy going and contented baby boy, has turned into a raging toddler in the past few weeks :-(! I am very sad to say goodbye to that sweet baby, I knew it was coming - but I had hoped he'd give us a few more weeks / months of the sweetness; I'm not quite ready to let that baby go. But I am ready for him to grow out of this stage already *sigh*! I missed my CAP Course that I was registered to do, as he was going through a 'screaming for hours on end before finally collapsing in a tired heap and sobbing himself to sleep in my arms' phase; glad it didn't last TOO long, just long enough for me to miss my course, grrrrrr! He is doing better now thankfully (although still not as good as he was prior to this phase); we think it was the whole 'Separation Anxiety' thing, apparently at 18 months and 2 years children all struggle with bed time at some stage and in some way... 

How do you stay-at-home Mums handle all the balls you juggle? I am not asking any working Mum's, cause you have it even harder and it leaves me breathless even thinking about it - all credit goes to you! Even though the kids are older and thus more independent now, I am finding they are probably needing more specific time with me - more focused one-on-one time, and hands-on doing stuff time. I am really struggling with this, as by the time I get through a bit of housework, cooking and all the other kinds of things thrown at me on a day-to-day basis - I am struggling for energy and motivation to do much more than read a story or two. 

I know I'll feel better once this infection has gone, but even before I was struggling with trying to fit everything in... anyone got any quick and easy child activities I can try and coordinate into my days? I think 'lil M needs some more time in particular - by this age Button was getting play dough, painting and other crafty activities (irregularly as I was heavily pregnant, but still more than 'lil M has ever had)! I tend to do arty / crafty things with Button when he is in bed, so he really has missed out on this - as he will still require constant attention, whereas Button doesn't... so it is more for convenience that he misses out. I need to buy some cheap flour to make up some more play dough, as I refuse to use the expensive gluten-free stuff (Button knows not to eat it anyway, so it is fairly safe for her). But is there anything else anyone can recommend for an almost 2 year old, and an almost 4 year old that is quick and easy, and won't take much prep or clean up, and won't drain me!?! Or is this asking too much!!!!!

I guess I should just do some google searches and see what I can find...

Better head off, the cotton bud painting novelty has worn off!


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