The Good, The Bad and Those Darn Allergies...

My big brave four year old went for an allergy prick-test today... and I am SO mad! 

She is the bravest kid I know - she went for a blood test a while ago regarding Coeliac Disease, but it came back as negative. Not a tear shed through-out the test, the nurses praised her up something big; and said she behaved better than a lot of adults they have through. Today was no different - except today she had a whole heap of little pricks done, yet responded in the same manner. Brave and fearless; that's my girl!

The lady commented that she'd never seen a kid of her age show so many allergies, and it seems obvious to her that she is 'allergy-friendly' (for lack of a better word)!  And yet we still didn't get the results we wanted...

I have been fighting the Doctors for ages about this - I now have photographic proof, but this test is probably going to put us back months once more. Her biggest reactions in 'real life' are to dairy and gluten, and yet this test says she is fine with wheat and barely registered with dairy. So once more, I am going to have to shout over these results to get myself heard; and just keep fighting the fight for her.

Her latest reaction is to that of green kiwifruit - I'm not sure if your computer will show it well or not, but around her mouth there is a large red rash. It may seen insignificant to you, just like it appears to be to the medical community, but this is NOT normal. It lasts anything upwards of an hour to an hour and a half after consuming (any of) the 'forbidden' food; and has been known to cover most of her face up to her eyes, and start spreading down her neck - often the there are little white raised spots within the red rash as well. Now it doesn't appear to cause any other issues; so far there has been no swelling after she consumes things, and the rash just slowly dissipates on it's own without any further damage outwardly.

However, the other week she had milk by accident - she has always been on soy because of her allergies, but that night cows milk was put into her plate by accident. Half way through eating her dessert she started to suddenly complain about her tongue tingling and feeling funny, she got quite distressed, but because I was unaware of the mistake made - I had a quick look and told her to stop being so dramatic, as there was nothing wrong. Then all of a sudden it dawned on us what was going on and my heart skipped a beat - we took the plate away, and watched her closely for any other side effects for an hour or so. Thankfully once she'd stopped ingesting the milk, everything settled down of it's own accord; but that is a mistake we will never forget. It frightened me badly, and made me more determined to continue harassing the Doctor if that is what it takes...

My daughter is off gluten and dairy, and she no longer battles with bloat (except that of her own doing, which is another story for another day) nor constipation. She no longer gets a sore tummy, and has grown enormously in the past few months - her Preschool teachers commented on her growth, saying that it is probably because she is now healthy on the inside and outside. She is more confident in and of herself, and is generally a much happier child.

Want to know why I am mad? Because on discussion today with the nurse who did the test - she said that the wheat in the prick test isn't the same as gluten, and the dairy in the prick test doesn't accord for lactose; so the chances are these allergies aren't going to show up anyway, thus the results are false. So I have put my child through this for nothing - other than the fact we have now managed to discover a whole heap of other allergies *sigh*! The only way, apparently, is to do what we are doing - take her off these food categories completely; and then slowly reintroduce them, monitoring her every step of the way. Something I am not willing to do without medical support, and something I feel like I am currently not getting... 

Our Doctor is slowly changing her mind after the photographic proof I took in last time; but it has been a battle. I am hoping she will now pick up the batten for me, and help me get the support we need for this - but if not, we will keep feeding her 'safe' foods, and doing everything we can as parents to make this journey easier. 

And we will keep fighting; that is what parents do, that is what love is about.


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