SOOOOO - we are here...

So - we are here, we made it safe and sound; and almost all of our gear arrived safe and sound! There were a couple of little bits of damage, but nothing worth recording!

Eeeek - that reminds me, insurance! I need to sort out insurance...

Things are slowly, after only 5 days, slotting into a quiet and workable routine. It has been hard on my parents, as much as they LOVE having us here; but they have been incredible, and we are feeling very blessed. I think coming here first has been our saving grace - it has allowed the children breathing space, and a chance to gain their footing! And I think it has made it a little bit easier for me as well, it felt like a holiday initially; but reality is slowly slipping in between the cracks, and I am starting to relax and breathe again!

We are now slowly starting to try and fit back into small town living - looking into Kindergartens for the older child, trying to decide what is best for the younger one, making decisions about whether we rent, or stay and a bit longer at Mum and Dad's and go straight into our own home, and with that in mind - looking around at possibilities! Catching up with old friends, setting ourselves up at the library and the local Doctor, making decisions about churches... and the list goes on! 

I missed out on all the previous jobs I applied for - very disappointing and frustrating, however just in the last 24 hours I have heard or read of 5 more possible job opportunities! FIVE! One was an instant no, as it is only 15 hours per week (but boy, it would have been an interesting job had it been longer hours); and the others are all about applying and then waiting and seeing. But if all else fails - I am just waiting on my provisional registration, and will then put my name down for relief work at the local Childcare Centres and Kindergartens!

Anyway - it is hideous out there tonight, bangs and crashes all over the place; our poor kids have never had to deal with this noise before, as we lived so far out! Thankfully they have slept throughout most of it, but we're in need of an early night. 

So signing off, and will hopefully update you all later on with good news and photos! Not quite sure what is happening with my photos at the moment...

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