Life is Fragile...

I can't sleep tonight...

We got the news early this morning that my cousins son is in Wellington Hospital; he was set upon and beaten, totally unprovoked, in his home town on Saturday night. He is listed as critical, and is literally in the fight of his life right now; just trying to stay alive.

It has sucked the breathe right out of me - I don't know this young man very well, I last saw him at my Grandparents funeral back in 1997... but he is family, and we hear of his accomplishments semi-regularly via his proud Grandparents (my Uncle and Aunt), and via some of his own Aunts (my cousins I have stayed in touch with). But it doesn't matter how tenuous the connection is, he is family. It doesn't matter how far away they live, he is family. It doesn't matter - because when it is family, you feel the pain and the anguish; you go into battle with them, you wait by the phone hardly daring to breath - waiting for the next update. You join them in spirit and in prayer, you stand beside them, you fight the battle with them. He is family, he is blood. And I will stand alongside these people, and will battle with them as long as it takes, whatever it takes - sleepless nights spent praying, I'll do it; asking others to pray, I'll do it; keeping the updates flowing, I'll do it.

I might not be able to be there in flesh; but by God, I'll be there in spirit, battling with them on the frontlines. He is family.

And with that in mind - for Jordan's sake, please hold your children a little bit closer tomorrow; cuddle them a little bit longer; show them a bit extra love and a bit extra grace. If you can't do it for them, nor for me - do it for Jordan. 



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