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6 January 2013

My name is Elizabeth, and I am a 30-something Stay-At-Home Mum... I am happily married and we have two gorgeous children. Button (short for 'Cute As A Button') is our 2.5 year old daughter, and 'lil M, our son (short for 'Little Man'),  will be turning 9 months in just a few short days!

Me with my young family!
This was taken June 2012 when 'lil M was only 8 weeks, and Button had just turned 2 years!
This photo (and the one below) have been used with permission by
For more family portraits, see this post here! 

Our wee girl is the apple of our eye, she is a bright kid, and is generally quite happy and easy going... she loves to sing and dance, and has done a term of gymnastics! We were (are) very proud of her; she was the youngest in her class, and yet seemed to show the most natural ability - doing things some of the older children couldn't manage! She is very much a 'Mummy' and adores her younger brother; we have been very blessed that she has shown great care for 'lil M from birth, no sign of jealousy! She has a great imagination, and we are often given 'coffees' and 'lunch' at odd times of the day! She loves animals, and the outdoors, her trike (she got for Christmas), and books... she is a bit of a drama queen at times - but thankfully, the worst of the two year old tantrums appear to be over.

Our boy is our joy and our delight - he is the happiest, most contented baby I have ever known! Seriously! At eight months he has started crawling, and now refuses to roll for anything except play... I am starting to think there may be a 'will of iron' under the laid-back exterior! He laughs at anything, will smile at anyone, loves cuddles and kisses and is happy to play for ages by himself or with his sister! He adores his big sister, and will start looking for her the second he hears her voice - saving his biggest grins for her, it is so sweet! I am really looking forward to watching him grow, and seeing his little personality really start to take shape!

Mr. C is a self-taught Computer Programmer, he is highly intelligent (leaves me for dust) and what he doesn't know about Programming is probably not worth knowing! He has a thirst for knowledge and is continually up-skilling himself; he is a 'company-man' and you'll find him loyal and a VERY hard-worker. He is also a very practical man and has made us an amazing coffee table and entertainment unit - there is a list of other things he wants to complete one day also, such as a table and drawers etc. He is a very hands-on Daddy and adores our children!

I am a trained Early Childhood Teacher, although never worked in this field once I completed my degree (a story for another time), and in my previous life (BK - Before Kids) I worked in Accounts - Accounts Receivable and Payable... Having hated maths through-out school, and shunning accounting; I discovered I LOVED it, and was good at it also! I even went on and did a paper from the Open Polytech on Introductory Accounting; talk about ironic!

I love writing - poetry and short stories are where my heart is, but I have a dream to write the latest best-selling novel one day also (don't we bloggers all aspire to do this *grin*)! But instead you find me writing this blog, however there are many reasons for this:

1) To improve/hone my writing skills, and keep my brain ticking over and working while I am in the middle the whole 'Change nappy / feed / burp / sleep' routine of little people!
2) To share with family and friends what we are up to in a little more depth than Facebook does, especially the little 'everyday stories' that you don't think to share over the phone; but Grandparents and other such folks are actually really interested in.
3) To be 'real' enough to touch other people - whether it be through a funny story that makes you laugh, a roll of the eyes and a 'I've been there' understanding, even a 'I'm glad I'm not the only one' thought, or just to offer a glimmer of hope on a tough day.

I am passionate about offering hope - I have had my fair share of 'life' to work through, but I believe that these experiences are not worth going through if you can't use them to encourage others... I am a Christian and that is one of the reasons I believe I am still here. My belief in God gives me hope, and sometimes that is all I have had to cling onto. It is the bright spot at the end of the long dark tunnel, and I can't imagine living my life without this hope. 

Other things I love:
- My family / friends
- Reading (I collect books - I still haven't read half the books on my bookshelf... shhh, don't tell Mr. C though)
- My computer
- Eating
- Talking
- Photography (not professionally, just daily snapshots)
- Apricots
- Music

Things I hate:
- Cooking
- Cleaning
- A dirty house (which totally goes against the previous hate *grin*)
- Pineapple & mushrooms
- Bullies
- Falseness

Well, that about sums it up for tonight... I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and getting to know me and my family!

God Bless,

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Rachel said...

Hi Elizabeth, Im enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you and your beautiful family. Your kids are super cute! Great meeting you on Saturday and Im thrilled to find out that we share the same faith too. Looking forward to reading more from your posts.