Thursday 20th August 2010                                                          

Well - we're going on an 'adventure' today, me and Button!

You see I have never taken her out on my own yet (how sad is that when she is almost 16 weeks old already)... I have taken her out, but always with Mr. C or Mum; or someone else in the car. And today we are heading over to my sister-in-laws for the entire day (a good 25-30 minute car ride away), so my landlord can do some work around our house - I am excited about the work, but VERY VERY nervous! While I have driven with her before, there has always been someone else in the backseat with her; probably left-over from the days when she screamed blue murder every time we put her in the car - she HATED her capsule! However, since we have put the big carseat in, she has relaxed and seemingly enjoyed the car... so far! And to top it off - I have never taken her out this long before in her life either, we'll be leaving after her second feed (approx. 10-10:30am) and heading back after her mid-afternoon feed (approx. 3:30-4pm); and I don't know if I'll get a wink of sleep out of her in-between!!!

But today has not started off well - first of all she woke up at 3am for the first time since I can remember! By 3:30am I could no longer put off getting up to her, and had to feed her... managed to get back to bed just before 4:30am, but then she woke again with MORE wind (I thought I had got it all originally); so it was almost 5am before she settled properly, and Mr. C's alarm goes off at 5:40am! So we stumbled out of bed just after 6am, for me to end up with a cold shower - I have no idea why, don't think I have ever had a cold shower that early in the morning before! Then to top it all off, I decided to check my e-mail and write up this post - just after I had downloaded my e-mail the internet crashed (thankfully it was after and not before though)... so I am writing this blog, and thought why am I wasting my time?!? But decided I'd write it up - and then this afternoon or evening (or some other time) finish it off by telling you how my day actually went... and hopefully include a photo or two!!!!

AND now guess what - she is awake again, still early compared to her normal routine (although not to bad, she is normally 7:30-8am and it is currently 7:10am). I feel a LONG day coming on, with a grumpy Mummy who had very little sleep... Here's hoping to turns out better than I expect; praying it does for Sharlenes sake, otherwise we may never be invited back again ;-)!

I am being very brave - as yesterday I enrolled in a Parenting Course run by Plunket, it just goes for two hours on a Monday morning (10am-12pm), and runs for 5 consecutive weeks; starting THIS coming Monday. It is only for local first-time Mums, and most of them have bubs of similar age to Button apparently; so it'll be a good chance to get to know others in the area. We all had a personal invitation - not sure if that is good or bad, does my Plunket Nurse (whom I assumed passed my details on) think I need this!!!!! The only problem I see is that I may need to miss the second week, as we'll have been to Tauranga and back that weekend (2.5-3 hour car trip); this being Button's first LONG trip away as well (lots of firsts for her at the moment), and the weekend looking busier by the day! So she may need a day or two at home afterwards to recover (as may I *grin*)!!!!

It's actually going to be a busy couple of weeks - what with being out today, then Nana and Grandad coming up tomorrow for the weekend (Mr. C's parents), then the first week of the Parenting Course on Monday, then I have 1-2 friends who will hopefully pop over for coffee next week... then off to Tauranga on Friday (Mr. C has Friday off work). Then we get a month at home with normal things (the Parenting Course, a few coffee dates etc), then in October it is my Mum's 60th birthday and we are heading down home for the weekend (another 2.5 hour car trip)... Mr. C then heads back up on his own, while Button and I stay on for a week!!!!! Mum and Dad will be bringing us back up at the end - not sure if it'll be Friday, or over the weekend; probably Friday as Mr. C will be missing us (I hope)!!!!

So by the end of October Button will be well socialised, and hopefully I will be more relaxed about taking her out! Anyway - had better sign off for now, and go and rescue her from her cot... will pop back in and finish this later on!

Saturday 21st August 2010                                                       8:30pm

Let me finish my morning off for you, before I even get into how the day went...

When I popped in to get Button up, she stunk - so we had to clean up a smelly bottom first before I could even think about feeding her (thankfully it hadn't gone all over her PJ's though)... I then gave her the first side, popped her down for a play while did a few quick things before we headed out. I then gave her the second side, after which I sat her up to burp her and she promptly vomited everything all up! Thankfully I 'caught' it on a big cloth nappy (her burp cloth) and bib; rather than on her and me! I then tried putting her down, and ended up having to feed her again first... she then managed a 1/2 hour sleep, after which I buckled her in and headed off. It was raining so hard that I needed the lights on and wipers going hard, scary! Then there were two lots of road works to get through on our road, and then the next one - gggrrrr, and this all before I even got to my sis-in-laws! I should've guessed how the rest of the day was due to go...

So let us just say it was a nightmare - nothing to do with Sharlene, let me make that clear! Button didn't sleep, except for 1/2 an hour at about 2:30pm; and I was SO tired that I just cried all day pretty much. Poor Sharlene had to either listen to Button grizzling or me crying - it was not a fun day for anyone. I was so uptight, so tired and just so emotionally drained I could barely function... didn't realise just how fragile I was. Have come to the conclusion that I have Post-Natal Depression, but not bad - just a light touch!

On the way home that afternoon, Button screamed (due to being over-tired) 2/3 of the way home, to the point she choked twice - both times I was on a BUSY road, in the middle lane of three, and couldn't stop. The first time was so bad she went silent, and I didn't know if she had stopped breathing or what was going on - so I was yelling her name and telling her to breathe and crying as well, don't know what anyone would have been thinking if they'd been looking in the car window! She eventually screamed herself to sleep, and I was able to get her out of the car asleep as well - had another 20-30 minutes then. Thankfully it wasn't long after we got home that Mr. C got home, he still had a hysterical wife after the choking incidents; but he took charge and got Button down to bed and asleep, cooked dinner, calmed me down and then that evening arranged with friends and family to pop over and keep an eye on me for the next few weeks. He was VERY worried - poor fellow, but I am very blessed to have such a caring husband!

Anyway - everything has been wonderful since, Button has slept well (even with visitors) and has been the happiest wee girl! I am feeling stronger and coping better... we have had Mr. C's parents here for the weekend, so let me add a couple of photos in from the last 24 hours, and I will then sign off as bubs needs her final feed now.

Conversations with Grandad
On a walk with Nana & Daddy

All tuckered out after her walk...

That's it from me,


Linda said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was a pleasure to come here and read your blog. Your baby is precious. I remember those days. It's good that you have classes, that should be helpful in reassuring you. Try and take care of yourself and get some support. Mommy needs her rest too. Linda
MaxineD said…
what an epistle - so glad you ended it on a positive note and that Madam is now happy again - long may it last :-)
soonarmy said…
Hey Elizabeth,
I so get how scary it is driving on your own with the baby in the backseat! We got a mirror after I did a drive with Munchkin crying in the back and me not knowing what was going on...I felt worried when he stopped crying (but thankfully he'd only fallen asleep but hey, how are you sposed to know that when you can't see a thing?!?!) now I have a mirror so I can at least tell if he's got his eyes open or closed. ;op Hope you have a great trip down. I'm praying you do!
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