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Good evening,

I have made the plunge and decided to start another blog... my last one submerged into the murky depths with lack of use and lack of interest; hopefully this one will stand the ravages of time better! My sister-in-law has inspired me, she can make anything sound interesting; not sure I'll be up to competing, but I thought I might try this avenue of expressing myself again.

Just so you know - I am Elizabeth, not a 'Lizzy', and am a stay-at-home Mum with a beautiful 3 month old daughter (Button). My husband (Mr. C) is a Computer Programmer and works full time... we have a cute little cat called Pixel (although she is not so little anymore), and are blessed to be living in a gorgeous 3 bedroom house on 5 acres of land (admittedly we are still renting - but dreaming of owning something like this one day). We share this luxury with two other couples as well; they live in the main house, while we live in what is referred to as 'The West Wing'; completely self-contained, but close by friends - the best possible situation if you ask me!

Our end of the house...

My favourite parts of the house are our dishwasher and the fire - mmmm, I LOVE our fire!!!!

We have beautiful outlooks here, and get amazing sunsets and sunrises; my favourite photo so far is of an incoming storm... it had passed over the city already and was heading our way:

I have so many other photos with amazing views - but I'll save you having to glance through them all at this stage ;-)! Maybe later on I'll share some more...

Mr. C and I are Christians and attend a local church here - we have an amazing bunch of friends, and are so blessed that God led us to such awesome people! Our homegroup is full of young couples starting their families; so while we're the oldest (not by much), we're mostly all at the same stage of life - which just makes it so encouraging and useful (always folk on hand with tips on how to cope with different situations as they arise *grin*)!!!!

I am a fully trained Early Childhood Teacher, but have not worked in that arena for years - partly through bad health, partly through choice! My previous life BK (before kids) was in Accounts - I was enjoying it, much to my surprise, and had even completed a paper through the Open Polytech! I have worked in Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable and was also called 'Accounts Assistant' at one stage, which just meant doing our Accountants dirty work
 ;-)! I hated maths in school, and never took accounting - so it still surprises me that I ended up there!

Our baby girl is the light of our lives - both of us just dote on her and think she is the best thing to have ever happened to us! Of course it has not all been plain sailing (never is with a new born *grin*); and despite my years of working in the Early Childhood field, followed by my training - nothing can compare you for having your own! We have been very blessed, and I have just had to write up all the Thank You's for the gifts we were given - over 75 in total, and we still got another one last night; just amazing!

Hmmm - blogger is not letting me upload photos right now...

Will have to include a photo of our precious baby later on.

That's it from me for now,


MaxineD said…
Hi there - good start :-) in fact a very good start with three posts in two days!!
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