10th August 2010 

I am going to have to remember with this new blog, right from the start, what my priorities are... I have a habit of becoming totally absorbed into something new; to the point everything else is pushed aside for a time, but then 'getting over it' very fast! So I have decided I need to limit myself, and how much time I spend writing up blogs to begin with; and how much time I spend scrolling through it and exploring 'Blogspot'. My previous blog was with xanga, and it has quite a different look and feel about it... 

SO - my priorities have to be my family first and my home second, THEN (and only then) can I start to look further abroad, and explore some of my own interests and time-wasters!

Us on our wedding day
25 September 2004

This time I also want to join some blog-rings, blogs authored by people who enjoy the same things I do; not sure who or what I will be looking for, but I figure that this is something I can get involved in, even with a young baby... I just need to remember to do everything else on my list BEFORE getting on my computer! 

Can anyone tell me how to search for blogs of interest, or blog rings - I can't seem to find a search bar anywhere??? 'Home' is my Dashboard, rather than the Blog Homepage (which is what I expected)! 

Until recently I was addicted to day time TV - only started this when Button was born, and it was GREAT for those long hours spent feeding her. But seriously (or is that sadly); the TV stayed on almost all day: 

- Breakfast 

- Good Morning 

- Midday News 

- Home And Away 

- Dr. Phil 

- Oprah 

- Frasier 

Then at 3:30pm it went off for like 1.5 hours until Ellen came on at 5pm!!!!!!!! 

But thankfully our computer poohed itself (Mr. C is into computers - so we had an entertainment centre), which means I can't get half of the channels I like watching anymore (and that is the REAL reason I am no longer addicted to day time TV); so now it has started to become boring! 

With this in mind, I decided I needed something else to fill in the time; I can only read so many books, check Facebook so many times, and listen to so much radio! This will hopefully though, get me thinking and 'doing' again; have become quite lazy since becoming a 'Mum'! The idea being that by the time the TV is working properly again, I won't be interested in watching all those programmes; rather I will be enjoying extending my brain and my writing skills, and put them to good use here when I have some down-time!!!! 

Talking of priorities, it is now 9:30pm and I need to head to bed to spend time with Mr. C! 

11th August 2010 

One of the priorities I put into place very early on in our marriage was going to bed together (the majority of the time anyway)... Mr. C is very disciplined and self-motivated, and tends to get very absorbed and forget time when he is studying. He isn't studying 'officially', rather he buys books of Amazon or in PDF form in order to keep up with the programming arena, or learning new area's he hasn't covered yet. I personally couldn't think of anything more boring ;-)! But it didn't take long to work out if I didn't make this a priority and insist on it, we'd have no down-time to connect and discuss the day - he'd be up until 1am or later and not even notice! He is better now, and reminds me that I need to go to bed as well - because like him, I can get very absorbed if I am reading or doing something on the computer ;-)! Thankfully we have each other to remind us of our priorities!!!! 

Another priority is that we always tell our daughter once a day (minimum) that we love her, and that she is beautiful (or cute or gorgeous or lovely - you get the picture)... it is something we both feel is essential for our kids to hear, now and as they grow older. It doesn't matter that she doesn't understand us at this stage - I know it is going into her spirit, and setting her up with the confidence to face the world as she gets older. 

Our gorgeous daughter - Button

Anyway - there are many other priorities in my life also, but I don't want to start off with huge long blog posts that I can't keep up with in the future ;-)!!!! 



MaxineD said…
You - not get addicted - looks as though you are certainly going all out at the moment ;-)
Nice to see you here, though. BTW you can't do blog rings here, but you can follow others blogs.. not sure how you would find them with similar interests though.. :-)
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