Spring has Sprung (at our place anyway)...

Tuesday 17th August 2010

Well - spring is here; can you tell by the weather! It is wet, wild and windy - but not cold at least! I know spring officially starts in September, but someone forgot to tell my daffodils, or the lambs who were born a few weeks ago up the driveway... I LOVE spring, it is my favourite of all seasons. It reminds me of new life and fresh starts, it reminds me that winter never lasts forever - even if it is a winter in our lives, rather than in season; 'This too shall pass'!

Here are a few pictures of my daffodils taken on a lovely day for your viewing pleasure (some of these I took, some Mum took when she was up):

Then here is a picture taken of them the other day - after a day of wind and rain:

And now here they are today - after a number of days of wind and rain:

So sad, but such is spring; and such is life... don't we all feel like these daffodils once in a while?!? One day we're bright and feeling on a high, next thing we know; we're all bedraggled and feeling rather forlorn and sorry for ourselves!

The spring brings babies of all kinds out and about; today my delightful cat (said sarcastically) brought a baby rabbit into me - I was sitting feeding Button when there was an almighty noise at the cat door and some squeaks; I'd seen Charlie (Golden Retriever) running over towards our place, so I had assumed he'd chased Pix inside - unusual, but has happened. However, next thing I know there she is heading towards me with a baby rabbit in her mouth squealing... I threw Button down on the couch and took off after the cat; to the sound of Button screaming! Pixel has never caught a rabbit before, and I don't think she knew quite what to do with it - with a mouse she goes straight back out the cat door and I then lock her out until the disgusting thing is no more; but this time she stopped still and wouldn't go anywhere... so I opened the french doors (please be aware it is also raining quite heavily at this time) to make her go out there instead - as how she got the rabbit in the cat door is beyond me! But she dropped the rabbit instead, so I picked the poor frightened thing up and took two steps outside in my socks, and threw it on the lawn - hoping it got away safely! Then locked the cat door so Pix can go out, but NOT come back in! Then went back to soothe my baby, and finish her feed... thankfully Button was easily pacified, and is currently asleep again (long may it last please God, it has not been a good sleep day - which is another story in and of itself)!!!!

Anyway - that is my spring story ;-)!



MaxineD said…
I can just imagine the chaos!!! and the noise.
Are you feeling a bit like the sodden daffodils today, by any chance?
Elizabeth said…
Yes :-(... but never mind, tomorrow is another day!
Girl Schmuck said…
Glad you were able to set the bunny free, did kitty catch the bunny in the rain? were they both soaking wet? Just how far did you Throw that baby on the couch? HA HA.

Hey here is a weird question. Do Daffaodils have a scent? They don't grow here, we are too hot, so I have never seen a real live one. We grow lots of citrus here. Orange blossoms are real pungent sweet. It makes the air almost thick with the scent.
Keep writing.

amy in Florida, USA
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