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RANDOMNESS... MONDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2010 And I am going to have to write this up later on - that darling daughter of mine has just woken up, and as she has given me a good sleep; I really can't complain at having to go and get her up! Right - I am back, and she is down... although I can hear some rather disturbing noises which makes me suspect she has woken herself up :-(... way to early I might add (like 45 minutes early). We are slowly making this place 'home', as we intend to stay here a while (if possible - until we can afford to buy our own place, and who knows how far down the line that will be)! So as mentioned before, Mr. C is going through his 'Honey Please Do...' list for me; here are some of the results of that: The Noticeboard is up - right hand wall! Notice the first things on there - my 'Honey Please Do...' list (the other is our 'Savings' list). He has also put my poems up on the landing: From the top of the stairs looking

Our weekend - and first Fathers Day!

OUR WEEKEND... Monday 6th September 2010 We had us a very busy weekend this weekend; not all planned, and not all spontaneous either... it was FUN though, and I think we are finally starting to learn how to 'live' as a family now! YEAH - here's to more fun weekends ahead! Friday wasn't really worth mentioning - quiet night at home for all of us! But Saturday was BUSY... it started off slowly, as we normally sleep in. After I give bubs her first feed (which is generally around 7-8am), Mr. C puts her back to bed and we also try to catch a few extra zzzzzzz - no exception this weekend! But we knew we had to get moving pretty quickly after she woke the second time, as I was due out for a hair appointment at midday; yeah, first one in 4.5 months! I was beginning to look like a shaggy dog ;-)! Before that all took place Mr. C decided he needed to clean the kitchen a little as we have had a mouse in the house, thanks to the resident cat... she brought it in, let it go and


SINGING HER TO SLEEP... fRIDAY 3RD sEPTEMBER 2010 I have mentioned a few times that I sing Button to sleep quite often... so let me go into a little bit more depth with singing and Button. when Button was new-born, and still now, she has bad wind - but back then we weren't sure what was causing it, so it was a case of working it out as we went along. so this meant there were a few nights when we were up to the wee hours of the morning just rocking her and singing to her as she was in so much pain she couldn't sleep... caused by something I had eaten.  As time has gone on - we have managed to minimise these incidents, as we have slowly worked out what she can and can't cope with. Unfortunately this means for me, little to no green vegetables, no tomatoes and no citrus along with a number of other things (does anyone know just how much tomato infiltrates cooking, I think this is the one I find the hardest to deal with - such bland meals at the moment). we are now slowly re

Things I love, and things I don't...

THINGS I LOVE... Friday 3rd September 2010 * I love how Daddy's face lights up when he see's you - if you're asleep when he gets home, I have to hold him back from waking you up! * I love how you give me a 'whole body wiggle' when I go into pick you up first thing in the morning. * I love how when you smile your whole face lights up - it is such a joy, and always brightens my day! * I love how you stare up at me when I am singing to you... you don't care that I might be out of tune; you just love hearing me sing! * I love how you sometimes just need 'Mummy Cuddles'... and you always put your arms around my neck for a proper cuddle! Something I taught you from birth, and am so thrilled you still do it. * I love how you try to 'kiss' us now - a whole mouth kiss, and sometimes the tongue gets involved as well. A very messy situation indeed, but oh so sweet! * I love how you love talking when you wake up - you always wake up so cheerful (un


THE LATEST ADVENTURE! Thursday 2nd September 2010 Well - if you have been following my blog, you'll know that the first time I went out by myself with Button, it turned into a disaster; BUT it did mean that I had to face things and came to the conclusion that I have a touch of Post-Natal Depression... Anyway - things are slowly improving, and I am starting to feel better and more confident in my handling of Button... SO I decided to be brave and try again! This time I went to Botany Mall, and only had three things on my list to do (last time I had to go out for the day so my landlords could work on our place - too long for a first time out). Button does seem to be coping with the car a whole lot better since our long trip, and we felt it was important to make sure she gets to go out in the car regularly from now on - so we don't lose that comfort level from her (she doesn't even cry when stopping at the lights anymore, yeah)! So about lunch time I got her up, fed her a

The BIG Trip

The BIG Trip... Thursday 2nd September 2010 This past weekend Button, Mr. C and I all travelled down to Tauranga to visit with my brother and sister-in-law, and meet my nephew for the first time! Mr. C had taken Friday off work, so we didn't have time and travel pressures... Tauranga is a 2.5-3 hour car drive away, and it was Button's first big trip. I have to admit to being apprehensive, but was trying to focus on the positive - I knew Mr. C would be there with me, so if I got overwhelmed I could hand Button over and 'take a break' as such... However, she not only surprised me - she excelled, and handled the weekend with finesse and style... much better than even her own mother did!!!! I was one proud Mummy, but in saying that - I am in no hurry to repeat it ;-)!!!! It started off quite a disaster, as once that car gets moving - my child does not like it stopping, so having to stop for petrol was just a bit much for her as she was over-tired already! But eventually

Cherishing the Moments...

Cherishing the Moments... Wednesday 1st September 2010 I have been thinking about what my next post will be, and have come up with a number of different idea's and keep thinking - I must remember to share that next time I have a moment to sit down and write... but when I lumped them altogether I realised really it was all about cherishing the moments. My main reason for writing these posts is to remember things for the future (I save them onto my computer as well as post them on here). Button is growing up SO fast that I am afraid I am going to forget all the little day to day things she is learning and achieving. My little angel is four months old today - FOUR MONTHS, where has the time gone? That is why it is important to write these things down; if these first four months have flown by so quickly, imagine the rest of this year. I mean there is only three months until Christmas - trying not to panic here!!!!! There have been so many new little things that she has been doing l
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