The BIG Trip

The BIG Trip...

Thursday 2nd September 2010

This past weekend Button, Mr. C and I all travelled down to Tauranga to visit with my brother and sister-in-law, and meet my nephew for the first time! Mr. C had taken Friday off work, so we didn't have time and travel pressures... Tauranga is a 2.5-3 hour car drive away, and it was Button's first big trip. I have to admit to being apprehensive, but was trying to focus on the positive - I knew Mr. C would be there with me, so if I got overwhelmed I could hand Button over and 'take a break' as such...

However, she not only surprised me - she excelled, and handled the weekend with finesse and style... much better than even her own mother did!!!! I was one proud Mummy, but in saying that - I am in no hurry to repeat it ;-)!!!!

It started off quite a disaster, as once that car gets moving - my child does not like it stopping, so having to stop for petrol was just a bit much for her as she was over-tired already! But eventually she stopped screaming and fell asleep... by then we were on the motorway. However she then slept for over an hour, and we were able to make a decision as to where we should stop for lunch and give her a feed without pressure. Just as we arrived at the cafe we chose (about an hour out of Auckland), she woke up - so perfect timing, and one happy girl finally! She ate well, was happy to get back into the carseat, and put herself straight back to sleep - waking up 20 minutes before we got to our destination, and just played quietly in the back until we stopped (half an hour after her official feed-time)! We were so impressed and PLEASED!

So I fed her while Mr. C unpacked the car, he then played with her while I made up her bed (Port-A-Cot); and then we popped her down for another sleep... it took a while (only the second time she'd ever slept in the Port-A-Cot), but she eventually settled down and had a sleep.

That afternoon / evening was a quiet one... we played with Button, had dinner (Mr. C cooked entirely on his own) and managed to get her to sleep as my brother and sister-in-law arrived (baby-less) for an hour or so to say hello.

The next day Grandma came over as well, Poppa was sick so stayed home (he hasn't seen Button since she was 6 weeks old, so was gutted he was sick)... they only live an hour away from Tauranga. We had arranged to head over to my brothers place in the morning, as Button is better in the mornings (generally) and then they'd pop over to us late afternoon and have dinner (that Grandma had cooked) and head back home early evening.

Mum (Grandma) headed straight over to my brothers place, and we met them all there about an hour later... unfortunately this ended up being the most unsettled Button was for the entire weekend, so it wasn't as fun as planned! We never got a photo of the cousins together on the floor to compare sizes (Munchkin is three weeks younger than Button but much bigger), however they did concede to letting us take photos of them together on Grandma's knee - you can still see the size difference there!!!!

Button was tired and cracked after this, so Daddy took her out and settled her down and managed to get her to have a sleep in her pram - yeah for Daddy's! We then went back 'home' (my in-laws own a house in Welcome Bay that the family use), and Grandma came with us so she could spend some time with Button; having spent a good hour or so with Munchkin before we arrived that morning.

Grandma left about 3:30pm, and then Andrew and Amy arrived over to our place about 4-5pm (I think - time wasn't really an issue that weekend so I can't really remember)... Mr. C had gone down for a sleep, as he was exhausted so I was watching Button. She was meant to be going down for a sleep when they arrived, but wasn't co-operating - however, I did win eventually! She didn't sleep for long though, so I got her up for a feed... in between I did manage to finish off the dinner that Grandma made, and told Andrew and Amy to help themselves when they got hungry as I could see Button was going to be hard work to settle. I eventually got her down and woke Mr. C up at 7pm, so he popped out all groggy and had a late dinner and we spent some time together with Andrew, Amy & Munchkin.

Both mornings Button woke up early, I guess not being in her own bed unsettled her a bit... first morning was 4:30am, but I noticed one of her toys had fallen on her head and I think this roused her. She wasn't really awake and only had half a feed before falling back to sleep... so I wasn't going to argue, and popped her back to bed! Sunday morning she woke at 5am, had a full feed but went back to bed easily - thankfully! Both mornings she didn't rouse again until after 8am, which meant we felt we had a sleep-in ;-)!! On Sunday we went back to bed again after the 8am feed, as we were both exhausted - and although we had planned on getting up then and starting the pack-down process, so we'd be home early enough to unwind Sunday afternoon at home, we decided sleep was more important.

In the end we never left Tauranga until after 1pm and a HUGE thunder storm with lightning, thunder and hail - it was spectacular for us, but a little unsettling for Button who had never lived through one before!!!!

We had a text from Grandma and Poppa that morning to say they would be in Matamata in the afternoon, as Poppa was feeling better - so if we wanted to stop in at my Aunt and Uncle's on the way home, Poppa would be thrilled. Initially we said no, but in the end we decided it was important for our 17 week old daughter to spend some time with her Poppa, whom she hadn't seen since she was 6 weeks old... so stop we did! And Poppa got those cuddles he'd been missing out on!!!!

It also meant my Aunty Shirley and Uncle Brian would also get to meet Button for the first time... which was nice! We left there about 3:15pm, Button screaming (over-tired) for a few minutes, before settling and talking herself to sleep!!!! She didn't wake up until we got to the Motorway, at which time she decided she was hungry (and it was past her feed time, so little wonder)! So an emergency call to an old work friend who lives in Pokeno, meant we were able to stop and feed her in comfort - which was lovely! Pam also enjoyed seeing her again and cooing over how much she had grown...

utton did not appreciate being popped back into her car seat for the final leg home, and I don't blame her... but once Mr. C put the radio on, she settled down again and we finally arrived home at 5:30pm, utterly exhausted but thrilled to have coped so well with the weekend!

Talking of Button - she has just woken up, so I need to go rescue her now... she is talking and blowing loads of bubbles, I can hear her through the monitor; so very cute! But she isn't going to last much longer...


PS - Check out my sister-in-laws blog; she is the one who inspired me to start again with my blogging:


MaxineD said…
What an interesting weekend it was :-) I enjoyed my part in it.

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