Cherishing the Moments...

Cherishing the Moments...

Wednesday 1st September 2010

I have been thinking about what my next post will be, and have come up with a number of different idea's and keep thinking - I must remember to share that next time I have a moment to sit down and write... but when I lumped them altogether I realised really it was all about cherishing the moments. My main reason for writing these posts is to remember things for the future (I save them onto my computer as well as post them on here). Button is growing up SO fast that I am afraid I am going to forget all the little day to day things she is learning and achieving.

My little angel is four months old today - FOUR MONTHS, where has the time gone? That is why it is important to write these things down; if these first four months have flown by so quickly, imagine the rest of this year. I mean there is only three months until Christmas - trying not to panic here!!!!!

There have been so many new little things that she has been doing lately that I don't even know where to start... so I'll start with me instead!

Since acknowledging that I have been struggling, things have just got better and better... maybe I just needed to understand and acknowledge for myself that I am not perfect, and not Supermum (and never will be)! I am far more patient, far more positive and attempting things I would never have attempted even a few weeks ago! Even Mr. C noticed, and has commented on it... I don't think he can quite believe the change in me ;-)!!!!

For example - on Sunday we were trying to pack up around Button and her sleeps and feeds, but during her final sleep in Tauranga there was a HUGE thunder storm, like I have not seen or heard in years! Poor Button has never dealt with one before, and was quite unsettled... so I just rocked her in my arms, singing and walking with her until she went to sleep, it took 45 minutes - but it didn't bother me at all. A few weeks ago I would have got wound up and irritable at the time it took for her to settle, and probably yelled at Mr. C to come and take over (he is always much more patient with her); but this time I just 'cherished the moment', realising this kind of reassuring is not going to be needed forever. I just watched her slowly settle down and snuggle into me, knowing that I would take care of her, I felt her relax and then slowly start to melt into sleep... it won't be long until she will be to big for me to rock her to sleep in my arms like that - so I am making the most of it!

Some of the things she is currently learning -

HANDS - who needs toys when you have hands to play with! A few weeks ago she was utterly intrigued with her feet, but now it's her hands... she is always 'holding' them, playing with her fingers, staring at them and using them more and more! It is so cute to watch, although she has just 'discovered' how to pull my hair, ouch! I took a small video yesterday for Mr. C - I had her in the Exasaucer, and she purposefully picked up a small ball with both hands and lifted it up - she has done it ONCE before and it was quite unintentional (I think). This time she did it four times, and really focused and concentrated on it (only managed to get the last one on video though)... she also picked up the two rattles I had there, up until now we have put the rattles into her hands and she has held them; but yesterday she was picking them up herself and holding them!

Who needs toys when you have hands to play with!
SINGING - I try to always cuddle and sing with her when putting her down for a sleep... on Sunday morning when Mr. C was putting her down he commented that she was 'singing' with him, and it seemed to take much longer to settle her! I remember hearing him through the monitor (mainly because he doesn't normally sing, only I do - so I listened as I thought it was cute), but I never heard her. The afternoon when popping her down through the thunder storm - she 'sang' with me also... just the cutest thing. I have made an intentional effort since then to sing her to sleep every time I can (I had been rather inconsistent before then), and today she started singing as I picked her up ready for a sleep - before I had even started! I thought she was whining a little bit, and wondered why the grizzle, but when I listened to her I realised she wasn't grizzling or whining at all - she was singing!!!!! Just SO sweet...

TONGUE - She has just discovered her tongue as well, she has always poked it out at us when we poked it at her etc, but it's like she has just realised she has control of it, and can make it do things she hadn't thought of before! She is constantly poking it out, licking her lips and has discovered how to blow bubbles - this is the latest trick! She purses her lips into a kiss, and blows bubbles while 'talking' to us (got this on video for Mr. C today also, as she really went to town)... So when she is not playing with her hands, she is trying new things with her tongue!!!! She also 'kisses' us - I didn't believe Mr. C when he said she was kissing him back... but seriously, she does! You bend down to give her a kiss, and she moves her head to the side and slobbers you - quite often on the lips! I have to admit to thinking he was exaggerating, however even though she doesn't do it every time -  she does it often enough that I know it's intentional, and she certainly seems to know what she is doing! She normally knows she has done something good, as then we get a BIG grin from her as well... such a cheeky wee girl!!!!!

It's a tongue thing!

LAUGHING - she hasn't quite got laughing down pat yet but she is starting to chuckle, and today it was like she tried really hard to turn the chuckle into a full-on laugh! She opens her mouth SO wide, and then lets out a small chuckling noise - it won't be long until she is full-on laughing, and I just can't wait!!!!

So that is some of what Button is up to these days... and I am cherishing every moment! She is at such a delightful age, and I am so glad to be out of this 'funk' and able to start really enjoying her!

Thank you for your support and encouragement these past few weeks as I have slowly got my head around it, and starting working on pulling myself out of it all!



MaxineD said…
Yay - you go girl - I knew you could do it!! And enjoy every moment along the way!!
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