Thursday 2nd September 2010

Well - if you have been following my blog, you'll know that the first time I went out by myself with Button, it turned into a disaster; BUT it did mean that I had to face things and came to the conclusion that I have a touch of Post-Natal Depression...

Anyway - things are slowly improving, and I am starting to feel better and more confident in my handling of Button... SO I decided to be brave and try again! This time I went to Botany Mall, and only had three things on my list to do (last time I had to go out for the day so my landlords could work on our place - too long for a first time out).

Button does seem to be coping with the car a whole lot better since our long trip, and we felt it was important to make sure she gets to go out in the car regularly from now on - so we don't lose that comfort level from her (she doesn't even cry when stopping at the lights anymore, yeah)!

So about lunch time I got her up, fed her and let her have a little play... I then tried giving her the second side, but she wasn't interested. By this stage I knew time was running out, so decided to risk popping her in the car and going anyway - hoping she'd hold on until we got there! Lucky for me, she did... but not for long afterwards!

I took my camera - I know it sounds silly, but I wanted proof that I did do it on my own... but I forgot to take a photo :-(!!!!! DOH!!!!!

Anyway - we got to Botany, and I got her into her new stroller and headed off to the shops; I wanted to get the first thing on my list sorted before having to feed her! I got to the right shop, explained what I wanted and just as I was heading off she opened her mouth and screamed - even the guy who served me got a fright, and commented that he hoped it wasn't him that started her off! I reassured him that she was just hungry ;-)!

Took her to the Family Room (praise God for rooms such as these), hid myself in a cubicle with my screaming child, and fed her until she was almost asleep! I then strapped her back in, and hoped she'd put herself to sleep as I wandered around the shops... we got as far as Whitcoulls where I was hoping to get Mr. C his first 'Fathers Day' card, I picked up the first card and she let out a blood-curdling scream, and didn't stop! I picked her up out of the pram (I swear all eyes were on us), but when she wouldn't settle, I wheeled us all out of the shop again. At that point I figured I'd just pick up my item from the first shop, and go straight home - no use trying to shop with a screaming baby...

But it was 'Random Act of Kindness' Day yesterday, and another young Mum followed me out of the shop and commiserated with me, reassuring me that she really wasn't as loud as what I thought she was. She was lovely, and really encouraging - yeah for the grace of perfect strangers! I felt much better... and once we got outside Button did settle down (distractions), but wouldn't go back in her stroller.

So we sorted up my first item (I am being very evasive about this on purpose as it is a birthday present *grin*) and went straight to the car - my arm was almost falling off by now, as Button is no feather-weight! I got her back into her car seat, the stroller back into the car and we headed off... she screamed when I popped her into the car, but stopped as soon as it started moving, and was asleep within minutes of me leaving the shopping centre!

SO - mission accomplished, if not totally satisfactorily!!!!! I DID get out of the house, I DID cope when Button cracked up and I DID survive... in fact we both survived, and are none the worse for it!!!! There were no tears on my part, not too much panicking and no melt-downs either!!!! A little disappointed I didn't get the other two things completed - especially the card for Mr. C, but that is life...

All in all - I say we did very well for our second trip out alone (well third now actually, Monday last week we attended a two hour Parenting Course which Button actually slept through - amazingly)!!!!

!!!!!!!!!So look out world - here we come!!!!!!!!!


MaxineD said…
Well done - I think I know what the first stop was about ;-). You could always computer generate a Father's Day card....


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