Our weekend - and first Fathers Day!

Monday 6th September 2010

We had us a very busy weekend this weekend; not all planned, and not all spontaneous either... it was FUN though, and I think we are finally starting to learn how to 'live' as a family now! YEAH - here's to more fun weekends ahead!

Friday wasn't really worth mentioning - quiet night at home for all of us!

But Saturday was BUSY... it started off slowly, as we normally sleep in. After I give bubs her first feed (which is generally around 7-8am), Mr. C puts her back to bed and we also try to catch a few extra zzzzzzz - no exception this weekend! But we knew we had to get moving pretty quickly after she woke the second time, as I was due out for a hair appointment at midday; yeah, first one in 4.5 months! I was beginning to look like a shaggy dog ;-)!

Before that all took place Mr. C decided he needed to clean the kitchen a little as we have had a mouse in the house, thanks to the resident cat... she brought it in, let it go and then proceeded to lose it (admittedly we hope this was the first time she had lost one inside)! It had been around for over a week by this stage - and we were sick of cleaning up after it, ick! Mr. C was pulling out everything, and found it behind the oven; so learning it's hide-out he went and got the offending cat and stuck her behind the oven also. Less than 10 seconds later I heard a triumphant cheer from the kitchen - the cat had caught the mouse instantly (so she has almost restored herself in my eyes), and Mr. C ushered her outside! We then watched her torture the mouse slowly, to the point I ALMOST felt sorry for the poor little thing ;-)!

Button then needed another feed and following this we headed off for our busy day... I dropped Mr. C and Button off at Botany for a 'Daddy / Daughter Date', he had her ensconced in the front pack, and by all reports - they had a good time! She got a little bit upset at one stage, but he took it in his stride and sorted her out, and she even had a 30 minute sleep!!!! I was very impressed when I arrived back to pick them up a little over an hour later, feeling rather light-headed!

We then headed over to our old neighbourhood, and had lunch with our previous neighbour... it was so lovely to spend some time with her, and Button was suitably happy and smiley most of the time! Again we got a 20 minute sleep out of her, with wind waking her up rather than anything else. I suspect we would have got much longer than that if it wasn't for that pesky wind - gggrrrrr!

Hilda provided us with three different courses - starting off with soup, followed by shepherds pie and finishing off with fruit loaf and a cup of tea (can you tell she is english *grin*)! Boy - were we full when we left there (I couldn't finish my shepherds pie and had no fruit loaf in the end)... The soup was very tasty, I haven't had anything with that much flavour for months, and was a little concerned about the repercussions - but Button was great, and seemed to not suffer anymore than usual from the wind; so grateful!

We left her place about 4pm, and got home at 4:30pm... baby in bed by 5pm :-)! At 6pm we had Russell & Rowie turn up for dinner, but bringing dinner for us all - so lovely when friends do this *grin*!  Russell cooked dinner for us at our place - a divine pasta dish (he had to work around Button's tummy troubles, and Mr. C being off gluten again; so they brought normal pasta and gluten-free pasta and he cooked the equivalent of two different meals). As well as that he had made a lemon tart that afternoon at home for dessert - YUMMY, he is a fantastic cook (thanks to Rowie's tutelage)! I was suitably impressed, but even more FULL... two full-on meals in one day left us both rather heavier than we started off that day ;-)!!!!! And again, Button coped with it well and there were no side effects... so pleased, and so happy to get some different flavours as I am sure Mr. C was also! They left us about 9pm I think (time really isn't important when you're enjoying good company and good food) :-)!!!!

Then Sunday was Mr. C's first Fathers Day... I had arranged for Rowie to buy a Fathers Day card from me and Button which she brought over on Saturday night, I had attempted to get them myself on Wednesday, but as you all know - it didn't happen! She chose two lovely cards - one from me, and one from Button; Mr. C was so touched he has taken his card from Button to work and has it on his desk! We also got him some chocolate as a token gift until he decides what he wants (just something small though - like a CD or book or something along those lines). I also made him a coffee, and brought that into bed for him - which is quite different to normal, as he normally brings me up a drink when I am giving Button her first feed, and quite often he brings breakfast up for me then also (both Saturday & Sunday). Unfortunately we never got as far as making him breakfast as Button had to come first, but he made himself a cooked breakfast - bacon, eggs and hash browns (gluten-free bacon and hash browns)...

Fathers Day cuddles from the best Daddy in the world!

Following this he got the cleaning bug (no church AGAIN this week - heathens!!!!)!!!!!! So he just went hard and did a whole lot of little jobs that I have been waiting to be done for a while, as well as deep cleaning general stuff - kitchen, bathrooms, floors... I say bring on Fathers Day once a month! I just looked after the baby, and did a few other small things while she was asleep - perfect day if you ask me! My "Honey Please Do..." list is getting shorter, and he has promised me that he will try to do a couple of things every weekend from now on - yeah!!!!!!!! So excited about that... our place is really starting to look like our home now (he put up my noticeboard and mirror this past weekend, and fixed another mirror and a few other small things). Next weekend he is going to put up my poems, and bring the second couch over for our bedroom... *HAPPY SIGHS*!!!! Soon he'll start Baby-Proofing the place as well, and then I'll really start to relax :-)!!!!

I have had a wonderful weekend... and then this morning I went to the Parenting Course again, it's our second week, but the third week of the course (we missed last week due to the weekend in Tauranga).  Button was a little angel again - I was 20 minutes late once more, and the group had gone from about 17 to 6; whew as it really was just too big that first week. Button got a little grizzly, but I was able to rock her to sleep in my arms - yeah, so pleased; things feel like they are turning around for me and her now! Looking forward to getting back into some semblance of life again soon also... YEAH!!!!!!

That's it from me for now,



MaxineD said…
Sounds a great weekend - with all those new flavours you must have thought you had gone to heaven!! Long may it last - have you branched out yet in your own cooking? I see Luke is 'gluten free' - again ;-)
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