And I am going to have to write this up later on - that darling daughter of mine has just woken up, and as she has given me a good sleep; I really can't complain at having to go and get her up!

Right - I am back, and she is down... although I can hear some rather disturbing noises which makes me suspect she has woken herself up :-(... way to early I might add (like 45 minutes early).

We are slowly making this place 'home', as we intend to stay here a while (if possible - until we can afford to buy our own place, and who knows how far down the line that will be)! So as mentioned before, Mr. C is going through his 'Honey Please Do...' list for me; here are some of the results of that:

The Noticeboard is up - right hand wall!

Notice the first things on there - my 'Honey Please Do...' list (the other is our 'Savings' list).

He has also put my poems up on the landing:

From the top of the stairs looking down... my poems finally up!

 I have also been rearranging the linen cupboard again! Adding in Button's stuff now, as we need to start getting her room baby-proof, so when she starts moving she is safe in there; this means putting all the creams and things into a drawer where her linen was stored, and the linen into the linen cupboard with our stuff (thankfully it is a BIG cupboard)!

Back soon - my child insisted on a 30 minute nap, and has refused to put herself back to sleep, so I guess I need to now go rescue her! Not very impressed...

Thought I would also show you Button's favourite book, and her favourite page in that book:

Of course the second Mummy showed up with the camera, we stopped gazing at Ronnie Rhino... but it didn't take long and I was able to snap the photo that I actually wanted:

Because Ronnie is just, well... so interesting (for lack of a better word)!

Later that same day I was looking up from the couch where I was feeding Button, and discovered a tui in our kowhai tree; so thought I needed a picture of this - so this is what I managed one handed through a window on a wet and miserable day:

Thought that was pretty good really, I wasn't even sure if I had the tui in line, let alone if it was all focused!!!!

Pixel - our cat, I think has finally come to the conclusion that Button is here to stay, and if she wants any kind of affection or attention anymore, she is just going to have to accept her and possibly even like her... so this weekend I was able to snap a picture of Pix and Button together. Unfortunately Button is now right at the age when she is starting to grab things, so we are going to have to be very careful she doesn't grab a handful of fur! I don't think Pix would do anything, she has never scratched us - BUT...

However - it didn't last for long this time...

And here is a quick peek at our IT baby - taking after her Daddy...

Talking of her - I need to now go and feed her, she has just been playing quietly since I got her up earlier!



MaxineD said…
Love the tui photo - and the description of how you took it :-) As for the IT baby photo - it really shows her growth.

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