I have mentioned a few times that I sing Button to sleep quite often... so let me go into a little bit more depth with singing and Button.

when Button was new-born, and still now, she has bad wind - but back then we weren't sure what was causing it, so it was a case of working it out as we went along. so this meant there were a few nights when we were up to the wee hours of the morning just rocking her and singing to her as she was in so much pain she couldn't sleep... caused by something I had eaten.  As time has gone on - we have managed to minimise these incidents, as we have slowly worked out what she can and can't cope with. Unfortunately this means for me, little to no green vegetables, no tomatoes and no citrus along with a number of other things (does anyone know just how much tomato infiltrates cooking, I think this is the one I find the hardest to deal with - such bland meals at the moment). we are now slowly re-introducing some of these back into my diet, and hoping she is now old enough to cope better with them - onto broccoli at the moment!

anyway - I digress significantly ;-)!

The point of that was to say that from birth singing has been something that has relaxed her and settled her (as has walking up and down stairs - but I won't digress down that path)!

From birth I have had a song that I always start off with when singing to her... she is going to know this song by heart before she is one year old I can imagine! I have changed the words to suit us though, and thought I would share it here:

It goes to the tune 'Jesus loves me', an old Sunday School favourite...

I always start off with a personalised variation of the original:

Jesus loves you this you know,
For the bible tells you so,
________ to Him belongs,
She is small but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves you,
Yes, Jesus loves you,
Yes, Jesus loves you,
The Bible tells you so.

But then I go on to sing our own variation:

Daddy loves you this you know,
For he often tells you so,
________ to him belongs,
She is small but Daddy's strong.
Yes, Daddy loves you,
Yes, daddy loves you,
Yes, Daddy loves you,
He often tells you so.

After that I then sing 'Mummy loves you' and then go on with all the grandparents (Grandma, Poppa, Nana & Granddad - in a different order each time)! Generally by the time I have gone through all of these (a little repetitious for us) she has either settled, or is settling if she has been upset... if it is just for sleeping, she starts off by 'singing' with me, but by the end she has relaxed into my arms and has started the process of going to sleep.

I generally still have to sing a few more songs - but my repertoire is rather limited, trying to remember the words and the tune at the same time is rather difficult these days! She even gets our national anthem quite often ;-)! Mr. C keeps telling me to look up the net for lyrics and print them out and stick them on her wall, just to add some variation for her (or is that for him *grin*)!!!!

And here are the results of all that singing:

Anyway - she is waking up again, so had better sign off once more.



MaxineD said…
She better know the national anthem before she goes to school too :-)
mtendere said…
Stopping by to check out your blog after your kind comment on mine. I had to give up dairy and tomatoes for about 7-8 months while breastfeeding, but she did outgrow her sensitivity, thank goodness! Cooking without tomatoes was definitely a learnig experience.
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