Things I love, and things I don't...


Friday 3rd September 2010

* I love how Daddy's face lights up when he see's you - if you're asleep when he gets home, I have to hold him back from waking you up!

* I love how you give me a 'whole body wiggle' when I go into pick you up first thing in the morning.

* I love how when you smile your whole face lights up - it is such a joy, and always brightens my day!

* I love how you stare up at me when I am singing to you... you don't care that I might be out of tune; you just love hearing me sing!

* I love how you sometimes just need 'Mummy Cuddles'... and you always put your arms around my neck for a proper cuddle! Something I taught you from birth, and am so thrilled you still do it.

* I love how you try to 'kiss' us now - a whole mouth kiss, and sometimes the tongue gets involved as well. A very messy situation indeed, but oh so sweet!

* I love how you love talking when you wake up - you always wake up so cheerful (unless you have wind), and will happily stay in your cot for another 10-20 minutes talking to your toys... once I left you there for 30 minutes without any problems!

* I love that even when we wake you up, you wake up cheerful and normally give us a big smile when you're finally awake enough to focus and see us ;-)!

*  I love how you hold my hand when I am feeding you.

* I love how much you LOVE your baths!

* I love how much you're learning and how much you're discovering new things every day.

* I love your beautiful chubby thighs! Just so cute...

* I love how you're developing and growing so fast - but it also scares me silly!

* I love your big blue eyes, and your gorgeous hair - we still can't decide what colour it's going to be... brown, blonde or strawberry?!? It'll hopefully stay the colour it is, which is a combination of all three and very beautiful!


* I don't love how much you struggle with wind still... I just want to make you feel better, but sometime I can't.

* I don't love that my diet is still so limited due to your wind - one day we'll both be able to eat whatever we want as you'll be better.

* I don't love how you still struggle every few days when you need to fill your nappy!

* I don't love you getting yourself SO over-tired that it takes forever to settle you down again... and then a LONG time for you to finally go to sleep!

* I don't love how you're growing up so fast - but I am looking forward to seeing the little girl you're going to be, and then one day the grown woman!

So many other things I love also, and probably so many things I won't love so much either... but for now this is a good start!

I love you Baby Girl,

Mummy xx


MaxineD said…
AWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwww sweet!! Can't wait to see you all again.
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