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Getting OLD but Skinny!

Getting OLD but Skinny! Tuesday 26th October 2010 Every now and then, well - okay so that is a lie, regularly I am being reminded by my own body (traitor) that I am getting NO younger... I guess that is one of the 'benefits' of being an 'older Mum' (aka 35)!  My knees and my ankles all 'click' now, they never used too... I swelled up to gigantic proportions when pregnant with Button (well my legs and ankles did), and I was basically hobbling for the final few weeks. It took a number of weeks to stop having cankles and start seeing my ankles again once she arrived, and I have never been the same since... I keep hoping that one day some things will 'ping' back into place, and other things stop creaking and clicking; but so far I am out of luck! We have stairs in our place, and while they are a God-send when Button has wind, they always manage to extract filthy words from me first thing in the morning (admittedly I don't tend to expel the words - jus

Choose You...

Tuesday 26th October 2010 LOVING Stan Walker's song 'Choose You' at the moment... It is playing over and over on the radio, so if I didn't like it, it would be driving me stir-crazy! But I like it 'cause it's real - it's what love is really all about; there are days when you want to stay mad, and days when you can't think straight; but love is a commitment to the end.  Choose You  Stan Walker  I'm so mad at you right now That I can't think straight And I should shut my mouth So I don't let out the cruel things I say Cuz when love starts out It's all peachy I love you, you love me seems easy It's like a walk in the park But sometimes it takes an act of my will And a walk in a park turns to uphill But I promise to give you my heart I will choose to love you, yeahh Even though I wanna stay mad Even though I wanna get angry Though it may be easier to walk away I will choose to stay & love you Love is just so beautiful

Don't Wanna Be Anywhere Else

Don't Wanna Be Anywhere Else Saturday 23rd October 2010 Today my hubby and I decided that where we live is the best place on earth, and we'd really wouldn't want to be anywhere else at all... the sun was gorgeous, we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is quiet and we have a lovely sunny house together, with a much happier little girl. Happy baby means happy parents (at least in this house it does)! Let me show you with photos what our day has been like so far: I mean - who doesn't like nice, clean, dry washing? I love the smell, and when you see it blowing in the breeze and know it's drying nicely; such a sweet thing... and such an old mother-thing to say!!!!! Then this is the view from our bedroom window: And now the view from Button's window (the one we're always trying to block out with those towels): Can't you just imagine Bambi peeping out from that clearing! These are just one angle of the views from each of our bedrooms, I didn

The Multiple Uses of Towels

The Multiple Uses of Towels Saturday 23rd October 2010 Well - just in case you thought towels have only one purpose in life, let me tell you otherwise... Button's room is on the side of the house where the sun goes down (east, west, north, south - I was never very good at geography), basically she gets full-on sun from 3pm onwards and with cream curtains it is BRIGHT in her little world! Up until daylight savings we could just shut her curtains and all would be well, day time and night time... but now it's a different story, as 7pm is still like day in there and not very good conditions to entice her to sleep all night! Mr. C and I have been discussing getting some black-out curtains, or at least some dark thermo-lined ones for her room; so when Mum was up recently we popped down to The Warehouse and priced curtains for her room - her windows are huge, and then there is also a set of french doors that lead onto a balcony (it is meant to be the Master Bedroom)... However, Mu


LONG LIVE PAMOL Friday 22nd October 2010 Button and I went into hibernation today! You see Mr. C brought home a cold a couple of weeks ago, we then travelled down to 'home' to spend some time with my folks, and he very generously passed it onto both of them, as well as some friends (I have since discovered)... Gran then came back with us on the Friday, staying on until Tuesday this week and enduring the worst of her cold while up here in Auckland. At that stage Button and I had both managed to avoid it - but alas, no more! On Monday I fear, Button succumbed to the bug as well (although, because she couldn't tell us how she was feeling, and she had her 5 month shots on Monday - we didn't realise until Wednesday that she had fallen sick as well, poor wee soul)! So we have had a LONG five days (Monday and Tuesday due to her immunisations I thought, although looking back - I think it was a combination), but today being the worst day by far! She is generally a 'happy


TO DAIRY OR NOT TO DAIRY... Friday 22 October 2010 Ahhhh - just thought I'd make the most of a quiet moment while I had it (should be sleeping myself, but maybe next time) and the little rascal woke up, I swear she heard my thoughts!!!! Oh well - might get a chance later today... hopefully she'll get loads of sleep today, she is miserable with a cold and had a BAD night (hence why I should be sleeping as well)! If not, then I guess another time may present itself this month - it has been one of those months, and all my good intentions have fallen flat for no apparent reason really... just have! ************* So, Button developed eczema on her face recently and we took her down to the Doctor... I had done some reading and understood that dairy can contribute to some eczema, but this was not something new for me - coming off dairy had been something I had been toying with for a while, for her tummy problems.  My brother is allergic to dairy, so it is in the family and I know

Quick Update

Monday 11th October 2010 I am hoping that this week I can start to catch up a bit with my blog and a few other things (putting photos in Button's photo album, finishing off my monthly update e-mail and writing in my journal - just to name a few)! I am visiting my parents, and Mr. C who has been down with us until today, drove back home tonight... and as much as I miss him like crazy - it does free up some time for me! Since I have taken on this blog I have noticed that he suddenly wants to spend more time with me (he's a 'Quality Time' guy), probably no more time than previously; but it feels like it when you don't get to start (let alone finish) all the things you want to!!!! I don't think I am going to get much extra time during the day, as I either have my parents around to chat to; or I'll have friends or in-laws around - plus Button sill doesn't sleep very much during the day! BUT, the evenings will be mine... Dad sits around watching the Commonwe

I miss you blog...

I think about you often, but I just haven't had the time lately to do anything about it... maybe next week! Elizabeth
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