Don't Wanna Be Anywhere Else

Don't Wanna Be Anywhere Else

Saturday 23rd October 2010

Today my hubby and I decided that where we live is the best place on earth, and we'd really wouldn't want to be anywhere else at all... the sun was gorgeous, we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is quiet and we have a lovely sunny house together, with a much happier little girl. Happy baby means happy parents (at least in this house it does)! Let me show you with photos what our day has been like so far:

I mean - who doesn't like nice, clean, dry washing? I love the smell, and when you see it blowing in the breeze and know it's drying nicely; such a sweet thing... and such an old mother-thing to say!!!!!

Then this is the view from our bedroom window:

And now the view from Button's window (the one we're always trying to block out with those towels):

Can't you just imagine Bambi peeping out from that clearing!

These are just one angle of the views from each of our bedrooms, I didn't want to make you all jealous by uploading all the photos I took of our gorgeous views!

Then we had some close friends come over with morning tea for us, so here is Uncle Russell & Button reacquainting themselves!

Then it was tummy time for Button before her big sleep - just the cutest little girl!

Then when she got up it was play time with Daddy, check out the view from my kitchen window:

Then it was special time with Daddy on the trampoline:

Stupid blogger has done it again - ggggrrrrrr!!!!

Not that any of this wonderful outside equipment is ours...  well actually, the swing is ours, but not the frame it is on! The joys of living in such close proximity with others who have young children! Saves us buying anything like this for a while ;-)!

Then it was wind down time with Mummy and Daddy reading a book, while us adults had afternoon tea (mmmm; Whittakers Dark Ghana Peppermint Chocolate):

Of course someone had to be behind the camera ;-)!

She then headed off upstairs to bed, however all she has done is talk and squeal - no sleep for this child! Mr. C has just gone upstairs to try and resettle her, but from all the sound effects I can hear - that is SO not happening! 

Oh well - it has been a pleasant day for all, and it is so lovely to see my girl getting better; she is back to herself finally... just a small cough and stuffy nose left!

Now I am off to join the fun!



MaxineD said…
Oh yeah - and most of what I have been looking at for the day has been the bricks down the side of the drive as I cleaned them :-( Yup, you surely are blessed where you are!! :-)
mtendere said…
Looks beautiful!
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