Getting OLD but Skinny!

Getting OLD but Skinny!

Tuesday 26th October 2010

Every now and then, well - okay so that is a lie, regularly I am being reminded by my own body (traitor) that I am getting NO younger... I guess that is one of the 'benefits' of being an 'older Mum' (aka 35)!  My knees and my ankles all 'click' now, they never used too... I swelled up to gigantic proportions when pregnant with Button (well my legs and ankles did), and I was basically hobbling for the final few weeks. It took a number of weeks to stop having cankles and start seeing my ankles again once she arrived, and I have never been the same since... I keep hoping that one day some things will 'ping' back into place, and other things stop creaking and clicking; but so far I am out of luck!

We have stairs in our place, and while they are a God-send when Button has wind, they always manage to extract filthy words from me first thing in the morning (admittedly I don't tend to expel the words - just think them loudly in my mind) as I hobble down them, waiting for my ankles to warm up a bit. Lately I have noticed they now seize up if I have stopped moving for more than half an hour, and this means I hobble even when NOT attempting those stairs... for example I have just had to wonder down the hallway; unfortunately anyone looking on would not have described it as a wonder though!

Most of the time I still feel twenty (just not quite so invincible as back then), but age has a habit of creeping up on you when you least expect it - bending down to change Button's nappy is another stark reminder! Looking at my hands is even sad these days, I have always 'liked' my hands even if nothing else appeals to me at that moment; but now they have veins sticking out of them, which my Mum assures me is due to the extra blood flow required when pregnant, and apparently they don't go away (the veins that is).

BUT on the plus side of this pregnancy and the on-going side effects it has had - I have gone from 65kgs pre-pregnancy, up to 76kg during pregnancy and am now down to a svelte 57kg post-pregnancy! Want to know the secret? Having a windy/refluxy/colicky baby; NOT something I recommend, but I guess something positive has to come out of it... the hours I have spent pacing her bedroom floor, the hallway and those stairs have started to pay off (oh, and of course the breast feeding helps tremendously as well). Unfortunately I have no photos to prove it - might need to ask Mr. C to take some, but am not sure what I'll wear, as almost everything is now to BIG for me (tough problem to have if you ask me *grin*)! I only hope that it can stay off... my past history is fairly tumultuous when it comes to weight, but I had managed to stay at the 65kg mark for about three years; so here's hoping some of those lessons have gotten in, and I can reign in my eating once I have weaned Button!

Talking of that - I think I'll head off and have a nibble of that Whittakers Chocolate bar I know is hiding in the fridge... can you hear it calling my name!?!



MaxineD said…
Darn - is that my problem, no stairs and settled babies..... and yup, that chocolate sure calls very loudly.... :-)
soonarmy said…
Here's a scary least for me, if it isn't for you. I am currently only 3-4kgs lighter than you! If walking was the cure, I'd be wasting away to a shadow, so I'm thinking that all that breastfeeding must be your secret weapon. Still, credit goes to you - well done and enjoy it! Amy
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