Friday 22nd October 2010

Button and I went into hibernation today! You see Mr. C brought home a cold a couple of weeks ago, we then travelled down to 'home' to spend some time with my folks, and he very generously passed it onto both of them, as well as some friends (I have since discovered)... Gran then came back with us on the Friday, staying on until Tuesday this week and enduring the worst of her cold while up here in Auckland. At that stage Button and I had both managed to avoid it - but alas, no more! On Monday I fear, Button succumbed to the bug as well (although, because she couldn't tell us how she was feeling, and she had her 5 month shots on Monday - we didn't realise until Wednesday that she had fallen sick as well, poor wee soul)!

So we have had a LONG five days (Monday and Tuesday due to her immunisations I thought, although looking back - I think it was a combination), but today being the worst day by far! She is generally a 'happy sickie', and like her Dad (who is not your typical male sickie) copes really well;  but even good sickies have bad days - and today has been a bad day! We have also had three long nights, Wednesday morning she woke up at 4am; Wednesday night we never got her down for the night until 10:30pm, and then she woke at 6am, then last night was a complete disaster... very little sleep had by all in our little household! Even Mr. C took his turns at helping settle her, despite needing to be up at 6am for work - yeah for Dad's!

So today we have been hibernating and drinking pamol like it was milk! It's the only way either of us have survived, and now I am counting down the minutes for Mr. C to get home so I can relax (slightly anyway)! This morning we stayed upstairs and turned her bedroom into a playland, as it was so cold I didn't want to bring her down until the sun came up (which coincided with about lunch time)...

So here is what her room looked like this morning:

Our adventure playland!

My poor little sickie with the puffy, red & watery eyes :-(.

Discovering the delights of the little rabbit that Marianne sent us...

Well, that's it from me for now! I am working on another post, but not sure if I'll get it finished and posted today...



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