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Monday 11th October 2010

I am hoping that this week I can start to catch up a bit with my blog and a few other things (putting photos in Button's photo album, finishing off my monthly update e-mail and writing in my journal - just to name a few)! I am visiting my parents, and Mr. C who has been down with us until today, drove back home tonight... and as much as I miss him like crazy - it does free up some time for me! Since I have taken on this blog I have noticed that he suddenly wants to spend more time with me (he's a 'Quality Time' guy), probably no more time than previously; but it feels like it when you don't get to start (let alone finish) all the things you want to!!!!

I don't think I am going to get much extra time during the day, as I either have my parents around to chat to; or I'll have friends or in-laws around - plus Button sill doesn't sleep very much during the day! BUT, the evenings will be mine... Dad sits around watching the Commonwealth Games (just NOT that interesting anymore), and Mum is either on her computer (blogging probably *grin*) or reading!!!! Although that does depend a bit on Miss Button as well, as I have no one to share the parenting responsibilities with - she is MUCH better, but it still requires time and patience to get her to sleep in the evenings! Tonight I had to work with her from 7:15pm to 8:15pm - although I have to add that this is not normal these days, she just seemed to have an awful lot of wind tonight... not sure why!

So I have a few idea's running around in my head for blog entries, and am hoping they manage to come to fruition over the coming days... I will also be doing a 'Photo Diary' for Mr. C, as he specifically asked that I send photos up to him each day - he is not into these kinds of things, so I think he is going to miss us a little more than he admits!

Talking of Miss Button, she has just done a squeal, as though to remind me of the fact I am meant to be giving her a 10pm feed, and it is now 10:25pm! So I might just head off and attend to my responsibilities, and hope the next three nights will bring more of the same... tonight was spent catching up on Facebook and other such trivial things - so many things that go by the way-side these days, one day I'll have the time again to just 'be'!!!



MaxineD said…
Sounds a good plan - just hope it works :-)
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