Friday 22 October 2010

Ahhhh - just thought I'd make the most of a quiet moment while I had it (should be sleeping myself, but maybe next time) and the little rascal woke up, I swear she heard my thoughts!!!!

Oh well - might get a chance later today... hopefully she'll get loads of sleep today, she is miserable with a cold and had a BAD night (hence why I should be sleeping as well)! If not, then I guess another time may present itself this month - it has been one of those months, and all my good intentions have fallen flat for no apparent reason really... just have!


So, Button developed eczema on her face recently and we took her down to the Doctor... I had done some reading and understood that dairy can contribute to some eczema, but this was not something new for me - coming off dairy had been something I had been toying with for a while, for her tummy problems.  My brother is allergic to dairy, so it is in the family and I know enough to know that there is generally a genetic predisposition to it if someone in the family has this allergy.

My Doctor ruled out dairy being the underlying cause of the eczema, he explained it is a different type of eczema that is caused by dairy (hers was only on her face at that stage, and apparently it is the eczema over the body that is more likely to respond to coming off dairy - she now has eczema over her legs and arms though :-(). When I asked about the possibility for it causing her tummy problems, he said he doubted it - but couldn't rule it out, so suggested I come off it for ten days and then do a 'hard-out' day of it and see what the results are. Now generally I trust my Doctor fairly implicitly, as I know he is quite balanced in his views and prefers you to try natural remedies before going onto meds; he also listens and is willing to try different things if you have done some research, and come to him with a different angle on dealing with an issue. So I was quite surprised at this response, I thought he would take quite seriously the possibility that dairy could be causing her tummy problems... that being said, I have dutifully come off dairy.

And all I can say is - I HAVE A DIFFERENT CHILD... the results have been quite dramatic, and I have since told my Doctor this! Within a week she was no longer crying every time she farted or poohed (to much information I know), and within two weeks her reflux symptoms have all but disappeared... then just to make it a home run, when she turned five months her wind has magically settled down to 'almost normal' levels! It has been amazing to start to see our Button blossom - she is such a happy kid, and other than a few sleeping issues; such a joy to have around!

So to answer the question 'To Dairy or Not To Dairy'?, the answer is most definitely to NOT! No going back now, the couple of times I have lapsed we have paid the price... it really is no sacrifice when you see such dramatic results (and when you're told by a good friend that Whittakers Dark Chocolate has no dairy in it - a 'MUST-KNOW' in my books)!!!!!!!!

Our happy little cherub!


MaxineD said…
Oh yes, she is a charmer when she is well, and overall a really happy baby now :-)
Give her another cuddle from Gran.
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