Burnt Potatoes and other things that make me GRUMPY!!!!!

Tuesday 16th November 2010

I had a bit of a burning problem today... not sure if I should be admitting it or not, but here it is!

I, ahhh - burnt the potatoes I was cooking for dinner! Burnt the potatoes I hear you say - how on earth...???!!!! It's really quite simple; I had expected Button to not want to go to bed for another 20-30 minutes, but she cracked up earlier than I had anticipated, and when she cracks - she CRACKS! So I just popped upstairs to put her down, normally this 'little' job only takes about 10-15 minutes, as she quietly 'chats' herself to sleep in my arms. But NO - today she screamed for the first 10 minutes, and then she took another 15 or so minutes to actually settle down and go to sleep... it wasn't until I was in the middle of this saga that I remembered the potatoes AND pumpkin were both cooking on the stove on HIGH!!!!! 

As time went on, I could smell the burning; but I also knew that if I popped Button down I'd have to start again, and she was already obviously over-tired (naughty Mummy for not picking up the signs earlier)... so there I am with Button in my arms gulping and still doing little sobs while I am looking at her wishing she'd just '...hurry up and go to sleep for goodness sake...' (that being the more pleasant thoughts I was having *grin*)!!!! Normally hearing her still sobbing in her sleep makes this Mothers heart melt (or feel horribly guilty if it is my fault), but not today!!!!!

When I eventually got downstairs the smell was awful, and the results are as above... thankfully (although I don't know how), the pumpkin, which had been cooking longer, was not burnt at all! So at least I managed to salvage that for dinner - but even the saucepan the potatoes were in was beyond saving and got chucked in the bin straight after my 'burnt offerings'!

So I was very grumpy with myself for quite a while after this... could not believe just how silly I had been! Mr. C told me off, and said I should have just gone down and turned them off anyway, as it may have caught fire and Button would not have had a sleep then anyway ;-)!

Other Things That Make Me Grumpy:

* The reflux that effects my daughter
* A grumpy baby
* Bad weather (too hot, too cold, too wet etc) FUSSY GIRL!
* People who ring but then hang up before you get to the phone (or before the answer phone kicks in)
* Cooking dinner that no one eats (not because it tastes bad, but because someone filled up on a snickers bar AND ice cream just before dinner - ggggrrrrrr)

Things That Make Me Smile:

* My daughter
* Mr. C getting home from work (Button and I are always counting down from after lunch how many hours till Daddy gets home)
* Watching my hubby with our daughter
* Emails / phone calls and visits from family and friends
* Personal snail mail
* Chocolate (or even better - Mr. C coming home with a surprise block of chocolate for me, as he knows I had a bad day)
* Sunshine
* Unexpected visits from my friend (and neighbour, so handy)

Here is Button and Baby Luke this afternoon - just so cute together:

So I am OVER the grumpiness now, but there is still the odd waft of 'burning' lingering in the air :-(.



MaxineD said…
Colour coded babies (as above) also make me smile :-)
Sorry to hear bout you misadventure :-(
Elizabeth said…
Haha - I know, Laura and I laughed when we realised just how 'colour coded' the kids were this afternoon!
Girl Schmuck said…
Hey at least it was a cheap potato and not an expensive Roast that burnt up. I burnt an entire pot of stew trying to reheat it too fast. Thanks for writing.
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