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Friday 5th November 2010

Happy Guy Fawkes to all you Kiwi Mums out there... well, as happy as it can be when you have little ones trying to sleep through all the noise, or animals outside you might be worried about; and anything else that may be causing concern on such a strange night as this! Really - when you think about it, why we are celebrating an attempt to blow up Parliament is beyond me; may as well take a $20 bill and watch it burn! But anyway that is the cynical side of me, I am sure when Button is older we will enjoy watching her enjoy the fireworks displays - just like we did as kids! It is a pretty night, for all the rubbish lying around in the morning ;-)!!!!!

Right now I am reveling in my free evening - for two nights in a row now Button has gone down to sleep at an appropriate time, last night it was 7pm and tonight it was 7:30pm... and we're loving having our evenings back! She had been doing amazingly well, but with daylight savings and then the sudden heat wave on Labour Weekend, everything went out the window again - frustrating to say the least! But these past couple of nights we're back on track and everything is going to plan; so breathing in the freedom this brings to spend time with Mr. C, and catch up on some of the little things that had been left. Of course by last night we were both utterly exhausted, so we crawled into bed at 8:30pm and I set the alarm to give her that late night 'dream feed'... tonight Mr. C crawled into bed same time as he didn't sleep yesterday despite the early night, and I am slowly catching my breathe and looking around at the bomb site we call home!

I don't think I have ever left it this long before giving it at least a quick clean - hasn't been vacuumed for over a week, I have two loads of washing to put away, there is a PILE of baby clothes from my sister-in-law to sort through still sitting in the lounge, and not even any of Button's toys were put away tonight after she went to bed (unusual - I do normally try to tidy up before bed)! Thankfully Mr. C cleaned and tidied the kitchen before he went upstairs, and he had also cleaned the toilets, our bathroom and the shower today - so not quite as bad as it would have appeared last night if someone had come over!!!!

I have had one grizzly girl ALL week, and she has also been off her feeds - scoffing the solids down, but not keen on Mum's milk thank you very much... hence the lack of housework, I have been on survival-mode! But today, after two hours of screaming I was at my wits end, and then I happened to slip and fall when coming down the stairs with Button in my arms - thankfully neither of us was hurt, as I managed to land on my knees and keep her upright; but it SCARED me! I made an hysterical call to Mr. C at work and he came straight home - praise the Lord! I then rang our Doctor who couldn't fit Button in today, so got her into another surgery that we use as our 'back-up' (our Doctor is VERY busy). Apparently there is nothing obviously wrong with her - no ear infection, no throat infection, no chest infection, tummy feels okay; nothing that should cause concern or stop her from feeding... final diagnosis - Drama Queen! NO, Doctor thinks that with her sensitive stomach she is probably just getting used to solids still, and may have a bit of constipation. Poor little girl... She is still only on farex at lunch time (won't take solids earlier than that) and potato late afternoon; although today we attempted giving her some kumera (sweet potato for those outside NZ) and I have never seen her eat so quickly - she LOVED it!!!!

I have also, these past two days, due to the horrid week - been giving me some 'me-time' when hubby gets home from work... so he gives her the late afternoon solids, and I head off up the driveway for a walk/run (walk up but then run down... would kill me trying to run up)! It HURT like mad, but boy did I feel good - combination of endorphins and 'time-out' I suspect; NEVER been into exercise before, but if it enables me some 'me time' then I say 'bring it on'!!!!! Before you laugh at my 'walk/run' only being up our driveway, please note that it is almost a whole kilometre long!!!!!! In fact, I inspired one of our neighbours, who got home as I was panting up the last bit yesterday; and she joined me today - however, we only walked as she had to bring her son in his stroller as well... AND I nearly inspired my hubby, he got into his running gear but then decided against it as he thought it might rain, hahaha! He is the exercise freak in our family, so it made me laugh that a gray cloud or two put him off, but not me!!!!!

Anyway - I need to go and give this daughter her late feed so I can join Mr. C in dreamland some time this side of midnight!



MaxineD said…
Hope you got your dream time - one fur baby chundered at 4:00a.m. and I didn't get much sleep after that - having not got to bed until 1 - thankfully Dad slept through!
Love you
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