Friday 12th November 2010

Sadly we have hit the teething season... my poor wee girl is grizzly and upset, and generally just not herself; so it's hello to good old pamol again! Poor little girl, it has taken two weeks of the grizzles before the tooth appeared, so up until now she has not had any pamol to help - I am very weary of giving her pamol for 'nothing', so with no idea what was causing the grizzles and no apparent physical causes (no temperatures or anything); we just 'kept on keeping on'! 

Today, however, it is a different story - that wee tooth has come through, and we can see it, and she also had a slight temperature this morning; the only problem with pamol is that is then causes her further discomfort as it brings on her reflux worse... but in this instance, I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives! So it has been tears and cuddles and her Baby Einstein DVD all morning... thankfully today she is also sleeping (yesterday I got four 20 minute sleeps before she finally crashed for over an hour). So despite all the tears and grizzles, Mummy is still managing to feel slightly sane... ;-)! But it's a good thing Daddy finishes work in under two hours!!!!!

She is also rolling now, so suddenly changing her nappy has become a far more challenging prospect ;-)! Guess it had to come... trying to teach her when it is appropriate to roll, and when it isn't (like when Mummy is changing you) *grin*! Trying being the operative word here!!!!!

She is also struggling a bit with the solids as her tummy gets used to them... so it has been so many little challenges to go with all the milestones these past few weeks; but I guess that's the way with life, and she'll probably find that throughout!

Signing off now, as she is up and I need to spend some time with her again (at least she woke up happy, and gave me an hour and half sleep - quite a small miracle in this house of cat-naps)!!!!



MaxineD said…
Yay Lydia - so much to achieve and no time to do it in - you think, so you want to do it all at the same time - I wonder who that sounds like... :-).

Glad to hear you are vaguely sane today, please give Lydia some cuddles from me

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