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A Beautiful Interlude...

Wednesday 29th December 2010 Not much of 2010 left... quite a scary thought, this year has gone ultra quick! Mr. C has been off work for a whole week already, but this is the very first day where we have been together as just a small family unit - with Christmas etc, we have had family and friends staying and/or visiting since last Wednesday. W e were meant to be having visitors again today, but they rang up this morning to say that the youngest two are not 100%; so we're hoping to be able to reschedule the visit before they head back up north early next week - but it depends on the little sickies!   However I have enjoyed the surprise of just 'being us' today (a beautiful interlude to the holiday busyness *grin*). Both families living next door are currently away as well; so it really is quiet here at the moment... although we're not totally alone! Mr. C could see I was biting at the chomp to get out, as today is forecast to be the only fine day this week, and it

Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday 28th December 2010 - taken about 9pm Well - it's almost Wednesday: Elizabeth

Button's first Christmas

Tuesday 28th December 2010 Well - we survived the first Christmas with our wee girl... it didn't go to plan, but it was memorable (shall we say *grin*)!!!! Having woken at 7:30am on Christmas Eve, we weren't expecting the 6am wake-up call we got on Christmas Day - not a good start to our morning (I wasn't expecting that for a few years yet either *grin*)! Our poor girl was still struggling with the cold she'd come down with a week earlier (her worst by far) and I had also succumbed earlier in the week, and was feeling rather worse for wear as well. So we had a grumpy, and 'I am NOT going to sleep' morning from her - frustrating! Tried putting her down a couple of times, but gave up and decided she could 'open her stocking' instead: That was FUN, everything was taste-tested first; and as soon as the next toy was taken out of the stocking - the previous one was discarded... how to overwhelm a small child! We didn't wrap anything in the stocking,

Pixel Getting into the Christmas Spirit...

Wednesday 22 December 2010 Thanks for the photos Mum! Signing out, Elizabeth


Thursday 16th December 2010 I just thought I'd do an update on how things are for me now... Those of you who have been reading my blog for any length of time, or who know me personally; will be aware that when Button was first born I struggled with Post-Natal Depression... it took a few months for me to acknowledge anything was wrong. So easy to keep telling yourself it's because I'm tired, or because it's winter and I'm just not getting out, or because Button isn't well (silent reflux) so I get almost no down-time etc. And it was, all of the above and more; but put them altogether and I was struggling / suffering quite considerably. I think one of the problems I had reaching out and asking for help is that we had wanted this child for ages, and our homegroup and close friends were all praying for us - it took nine months to get pregnant (not that this is long in the big scheme of things), and I had been getting pretty desperate by the time she came along. So

The Christmas Tree - COMPLETED!

Thursday 16th December 2010 YES - the tree is completed, to my standards anyway (the chances are Mr. C will come home and tweak it a bit more tonight *grin*)! Mr. C did all the tinsel and lights last night, and it looked great...  Below - how it looked at the end of the night: Shame you can't see the effects of the lights in these photos... I just put the red baubles up this morning while my daughter had a TWO hour sleep (yes you read that right - two hours, amazing)!!!! It really isn't quite as plain looking as it appears in these photos, as you need to remember that there are loads of lights as well... you just can't see them flashing their pretty little messages during the day! Mr. C was muttering about putting more silver baubles on it, but I don't think it needs anything more - what do you think?!? Now to clean up the mess... grateful our little girl doesn't move yet, so no rush to pick it all up! We're on the countdown in our house, not for Christ

Growing up SO fast...

Tuesday 14th December 2010 My baby is growing up SO quickly... she really is no longer a baby, rather a little girl with likes and dislikes all of her own: LIKES the cat, Daddy, baths, Baby Einstein DVD's, and eating! DISLIKES her medication, going to bed, being made to cuddle people she doesn't know, and loud noises! There are plenty of other things she either gives a gorgeous smile to, or screws up her nose and lets out a squawk at - but I think I have managed to paraphrase the main things in her life right now! There has been loads of 'little' milestones happening at the moment - the main one being her ability to sit up on her own unassisted as this photo shows: This was the first time she had done this, and she managed an entire 15 minutes (more than enough time for this besotted Mummy to take photos and a short video, hehehe) before she toppled down! And since then there has been no looking back... She also started clapping intentionally yesterday, of cour

Christmas is COMING...

Christmas is COMING... Tuesday 14th December 2010 I am so excited to be sharing our first Christmas with our daughter, she'll only be 7.5 months - so still to young to understand, but still plenty exciting for us anyway! I have ALWAYS been a GREAT Christmas fan; I was the kid that felt every single present under the tree, gave all the kids in my class a card and bought presents for friends of friends of friends - just LOVED everything about it! But the past few years have become more and more disappointing; however now it all changes again... it's just going to get better and better!!!! Mr. C is not really into all the extra's when it comes to Christmas, I guess partly because we have always gone away... but he did promise that once we had kids, then he'd be happy to go all the way to make it really 'Christmassy'. One of our family traditions is going to be 'No Christmas until after Dad's Birthday'; his birthday is Dec 10th and I don't wan

So - what does this mean...

Button sleeping more has many ramifications; so what does this mean: ACCORDING TO Mr. C: * The housework getting done more regularly by me * Less stressed out and tearful phone calls at work from me * Dinner being cooked more regularly by me * A chance to come home from work and just 'hang out' with his girls, rather than having to clean / cook or baby-sit! ACCORDING TO ME: * More housework being done by me * More cooking being done by me * More time to relax and actually enjoy my daughter * More social-life (day and night) * More 'me-time' doing things such as THIS! I joked with Mr. C that it may mean I have more time, but that doesn't mean it'll be spent on housework - I'll probably go out for coffee with friends more *grin*, don't think that went over so well! But just so you don't get the wrong idea - he has been super amazing and super supportive through-out these past 7 months, and has probably cooked more meals and done more

Verbal Reassurance Technique

And for those of you wondering what on earth I was babbling on about in the previous post when mentioning 'The Verbal Reassurance Technique'; check out this website: Hope it helps someone as much as it has helped me! Elizabeth PS - The Sleep Store can be found on Facebook as well... which is where I found it, and all the marvelous information!!!!

Sleeping Like An Angel...

Saturday 4th December 2010 My baby is being a super angel at the moment... unfortunately not at this precise moment itself (she is upstairs in her cot 'going to sleep' by chatting and grizzling - but I am sure it won't be long until she crashes; well I am hopeful anyway *grin*)! This is an old photo from a couple of months ago... For any of you who have been following this blog, you'll know we have had problems with her sleeping during the day - I have always blamed this on reflux, and I still believe that has had a LOT to do with it; but *cringe* I also think they way we have handled her sleeps has had a big part to play! Never mind, we are on the right track now I hope! So how did we get to this point? On Thursday Button woke up at 5:15am (which Dad thought was pretty cool, as he got cuddles with her before heading off to work - but Mummy was NOT impressed)... at 6:45am I managed to get her back down to sleep for 50 minutes, which at the time was considered a LON

So... what do you think?

Wednesday 1st December 2010 Can you believe that this little girl: is 7 months today: Unfortunately I haven't taken any photos today of her, but this was taken on Monday; so it is almost the same! She is growing up SO quick... It has been a while since I have managed to get on here; life has been BUSY lately - well, Button has been keeping me on my toes shall we say! She has not been sleeping much during the day for a few weeks, which means no 'down-time' for Mummy, and taking ages to settle at night... this means that by the time we have her down I am utterly exhausted, and have got no inclination to even go on my computer, let alone think about writing in here. I have even been quiet on Facebook, with just the odd comment here and there - haven't updated photos for a while or anything! So not like me at all... To say that motherhood is not what I was expecting is an understatement; BUT it is getting better everyday and Button is totally entrenched herself into
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