A Beautiful Interlude...

Wednesday 29th December 2010

Not much of 2010 left... quite a scary thought, this year has gone ultra quick!

Mr. C has been off work for a whole week already, but this is the very first day where we have been together as just a small family unit - with Christmas etc, we have had family and friends staying and/or visiting since last Wednesday. We were meant to be having visitors again today, but they rang up this morning to say that the youngest two are not 100%; so we're hoping to be able to reschedule the visit before they head back up north early next week - but it depends on the little sickies! 

However I have enjoyed the surprise of just 'being us' today (a beautiful interlude to the holiday busyness *grin*). Both families living next door are currently away as well; so it really is quiet here at the moment... although we're not totally alone!

Mr. C could see I was biting at the chomp to get out, as today is forecast to be the only fine day this week, and it really is glorious (the car thermometer told us it was 28oC outside today)... so we thought we'd pop down to the Botanical Gardens for a couple of hours, and I thought I would share some of the photos.

What are you eating Dad?

It's just a little bit of grass... honest!

Me and my Mum!

Clapping for Button!

Look Dad - I'm flying!

A tender moment...

One tired girl, heading back to the car!

Elizabeth xx


MaxineD said…
Beautiful day - and a well deserved break.
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